Mobile Bingo at Wink

Wink Bingo has followed the recent market trend and has launched its mobile compatible gaming platform.  Although players can already play on Android and iPhone devices, it will still be some time until software compatible with the iPad operating system is released.  There’s no doubt that they will be putting full focus into developing this system as the tablet market is one showing great promise and growth.

Technology Fueling Mobile Growth

With rapid $G mobile internet speeds and the development of smartphones/tablets, the actual definition of computing is beginning to shift from desktop platforms to mobile, handheld devices.  The speed of transfer of data now allows consumers access to any information in the world, wherever they are.  This has made possible the use of mobile devices for gaming purposes, as players can stay connected to a cash game, without the worry of losing their connection.

Other Joy of Bingo Sites Lagging

Aside from Wink’s mobile app, it is slightly surprising that other sites on the Joy of Bingo Network are lagging behind concerning the release of their mobile platforms.  For example, there has been talk of RedBus Mobile for quite some time, but there still seems to be no sign of imminent release.  Likewise, the development of Bingo Street on mobile is likely in the pipelines, but with no current speculation or launch date released.  It can be assumed however that these sites will get their mobile platforms ready for release later on in the year, as otherwise they risk being left behind while other brands gain momentum and significant competitive advantage in in the mobile market.

Dragonfish Mobile

Dragonfish mobile bingo software is used in Winks mobile app. Given the fact that Dragonfish powers much of the gaming at all Joy of Bingo brands, you would assume that the network would introduce the mobile platform to all their sites, as opposed to just Wink Bingo.

More Sites Going Mobile

People began to make predictions about the rise of mobile bingo in 2013 as the app market as continued to boom.  This has proved to be true following the release of certain new platforms, such as Bingo3X.  This online casino released their mobile platform little over a year and the brand has already received three awards for its achievements in 2012.  Other sites are launching the mobile platforms using the same technologies and gaming software and for this reason, things could all be set to change as other sites begin to make ground.

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