Wink Bingo 1K Wonder Game

One More Wink Bingo Wonder Jackpot!

We all know how wonderful Wink is! So why is it still a surprise when it produces another big jackpot game out of its Wink Bingo hat so soon after the last one?

It feels like only days since we were playing for a huge £6k and dreaming of a perfect day… wait it was only a few days ago :). The Wink Perfect Day game played on the last Saturday in August and now we’ve got £1000 to play for on the first Saturday in September :D!

How to Play for Wink 1K

Here are the super-splendid details of this new Wink game:

  • It plays on Saturday September 3rd at 9pm
  • Buy tickets in advance for just 10p 🙂
  • One winner only in this 75-ball game!

As Wink itself points out, with tickets costing a sprightly 10p you could buy the maximum 48 allowed and still spend less than a fiver! What catches my attention is that at another new site I play at a 10p ticket gives me a shot at a guaranteed £50 jackpot. Compare that with £1000! Your Wink bingo free bonuses will buy a lot of these.

Of course this really just shows how popular Wink has become. There will be hundreds of people playing this game, many probably will have maxed out on their card allocation. Still, a 10p chance at £1000 is enough to get my bingo finger wiggling :).

Sound good? If you’re not already signed up with Wink you can read my full Wink Bingo review here with its fab free bingo bonuses, or just start playing now!


JJ xx

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