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Where are All the Webcam Bingo Sites When You Want One?

Webcam Bingo began in 2010 in a small town in the Netherlands and spread like a good brownie recipe across the country. By the end of the year it was so popular the owners decided to give things a go in the UK. Read my Bingo Cams review to find out how that worked out for them.

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So where are all the other web cam bingo websites? Shouldn’t we have about 12 by now at least? Even two would be nice :). And I’m not counting all the Live Bingo sites with Bingo Studio Live and Live Bingo Party.

So far all we have is Bingo Cams, so maybe it should be called Bingo Cam and have done with it ;).

What I’m hoping is that by writing this I can call forth some kind of London Bus effect – that after waiting so long for one, three will come along all at once. You may wonder why I would want three more webcam bingo sites. The answer is that I don’t particular want three more web cam bingo sites :?. I’m just hoping that everything they say about competition on the news is true – with competition, quality improves as companies compete for customers.

Probably I am fantastically naive. I should probably just be happy with the way Bingo Cams is doing and get on with my life :). Truth be told BingoCams is doing fine – the idea of giving players extra winnings for recording their web cam bingo win moment is a gr8 one and worth of one of the best new bingo sites this year so far. But what if it could be better?

What if we could get a £10 free web cam bingo bonus just for registering with a site?!

Well maybe one day we will be able to. And I will be the first to celebrate. And with a bit of luck I can record my celebration and include it on for everyone to see!

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