Best Virgin Bingo Co UK Bits

The Best Thing About Virgin Bingo Co UK Is…

Virgin BingoA pointless and impossible statement to finish ;). And anyway there are lots of nice things about Virgin’s classy bingo games site, not just one thing. My top 3 things are…

1. Deposit Bonus Bingo with PayPal Accepted

Virgin is one of only a few bingo sites that take PayPal and has one of the best free bingo money bonuses in this super-select group.

It’s hard to find a site that will match your first deposit and let you pay with PayPal. Probably Virgin can do this because of its connections with poker and casino games where it’s much more common for players to want to use PayPal.

A match bonus means Virgin UK will credit your bonus account with the same amount as you deposit, up to a limit of £50. There are much bigger bonuses available at sites falling outside the secret bingo with PayPal group – and there’s not such thing as a Virgin Bingo free no deposit bonus, yet! But bonuses come and bonuses go and the bingo games remain. Which leads us on to another lovely Virgin Bingo co UK thing :)…

2. Virgin Games Bingo

Apart from gaining access to the exclusive world of Virgin poker and casino, the bingo games here are first class too. Nothing super-fancy and all the better for it if you’re at all tired by the sight of 50 different bingo rooms with nonsense names that mean nothing to no one. At Virgin you just click on Schedule on the right to see a list of the games coming up with ticket prices and minimum prizes and what else do you want to know?

Well OK maybe you’d like to know how the balls will fall and how many people will buy how many tickets. But not even Virgin is that nice :).

There are regular £100 jackpots for 10p per card and loads of buy one get one free (BOGOF) games too, with smaller jackpots it’s true.

Finally, there is another big reason to be with Virgin Bingo co UK…

3. Online Bingo Support

Because this is Virgin, you know that customer service is important. Maybe still not AS important as we’d like it to be but a whole lot more important than it might be at a brand new bingo site with nothing to lose. Virgin Games Bingo has a 24-hour freephone number and a callback service so that you won’t be waiting ages for someone to answer.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use it but it’s nice to know it’s there :D!


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