Ukash to become Paysafecard?

If you’re been playing on online bingo for a while, you’ve probably noticed that one of the payment options available on most bingo sites is Ukash. Ukash is one of the more well-known payment methods available for online bingo, and it is often valued for its added security making the preferable option for many players compared to, say, credit or debit cards. This is because you don’t need to enter your cash details online with Ukash.

However, Ukash has recently been acquisitioned by the Skrill group, who run a variety of different payment methods. As a result, Ukash is set to be phased out and replaced by PaySafeCard. For many players who prefer Ukash, this may be a little bit of a worry. However, there is no need for concern, as there are still plenty of payment options left which offer excellent security, including PaySafeCard itself. We will explore the full implications of the changes in this article.

What does this mean for bingo players?

If you are a bingo player and you’re worried about the implications of this change on you, then never fear, there is actually very little which is going to change for the majority of Ukash users. From now, you will not be able to buy a new Ukash card and you will need to find an alternative service. What’s more, if you have topped up recently then you have to use any credit on your Ukcash account by October 31st. With regards to finding a new payment option, PaySafeCard might be worth checking out.

What’s the difference between Ukash and Paysafecard?

Both Ukash and PaySafeCard both rely on a prepaid card which you top up with cash which is transferred into credit. You can then spend this credit on online bingo sites by entering a special code. PaySafeCard is, however, generally more readily available as your average local newsagent will stock it, so in many ways it is actually more convenient that ukcash.

PaySafeCard offers multiple services, such as a special Mastercard which you can use in major retailers across the globe. This is very useful if you want to travel. There are no hidden fees on PaySafeCard, so you are able to use the card online or in store if need be.

There are additional avenues of support with PaySafeCard, including a 24/7 helpline and additional staff to help you out. Plus, download the PaySafeCard app and you will have up to date and extensive information info in how to use the service directly downloaded on to your iOS or Android device.

Is Paysafecard sold in the same places as Ukash?

PaySafeCard should be available in exactly the same retailers which sold Ukash, so you won’t need to change your shoipping habits or go out of your way to pick one up. In fact, PaySafeCard is available in more retailers than Ukash. In addition to this, the PaySafeCard app includes a store locator, which enables players to track down the stores closest to them which stock PaySafeCard. You can usually find PaySafeCard in the vast majority of stores, including local newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations, so you should be able to find somewhere which sells them very easily. With the cards so easily available, it should be very easy for you to find a place where you can upload cash onto your card.

Overall, the effect which this development will have on bingo players is likely to be minimal and positive, so there is definitely no need to worry if you have been using Ukash up to now.

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