UK Bingo Royale at JackpotJoy

Celebrating a JackpotJoy Favourite!

Sometimes we’re so busy worrying about where the best new bingo sites will come from we forget to sit back and enjoy the ones we already have! So here’s a short celebration of one a JackpotJoy’s favourite – Bingo Royale.

Super-fab Bingo Featurefulness!

On the face of it this is just another game: you buy your tickets, and the more tickets you and everyone else buy the bigger the jackpot will be. BUT there are three special features that make this splendid JPJ game of bingo fabulous…

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  1. The Royal Pardon
  2. Progressive “Super Jackpot” Prizes
  3. A chance to see the Queen of Bingo!

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

1. The Royal Bingo Pardon

The most special of the 3 special features sees every player that hasn’t won a prize at the end of the normal 90-balls awarded an extra chance (or chances) to win some big ££ :D, err, maybe. Because there is a catch – we are subject to the whim and fancy of Her Royal UK Bingo Queenieness! Here’s how it works:

  • The Queen decides if she will make an appearance
  • If she does she will decree a “Royal Pardon” and issue a statement declaring how many extra balls will fall
  • The Royal Bingo Basset Hounds appear to call out the the extra bingo numbers!
  • The size of the extra prizes up for grabs will depend, as normal on the number of people playing and the tickets they bought.

You have to wonder what the Bingo Queen was on when she came up with this!!

2. Super Jumbo Jackpots

In addition to the normal prize pots, the Royal Pardon pot there are also Progressive Jackpots up for grabs in each and every Bingo Royale game. The size of the PJP available depends on the ticket price: anything from £1,000 with a 10p ticket to a whopping £25k when you play the £1 games.

To win a Super Jackpot you need to fill your card full of fabulous bingo daubings in less than 37 balls. My personal maths geek tells me that this will happen, on average, about once every 100 million tickets you buy – about the same as the probability of having 27 children and them all being girls. Still, you never know!

3. See the Bingo Queen!

Even if your chances of winning a jumbo progressive are tiny, it’s worth playing this JackpotJoy game just for a chance to see the Queen of Bingo make a special appearance at the end of each game :). Sometimes you’ve got to celebrate the small things in life I reckon!!


JJ xxxxOxxxx

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