TrueBlue Bingo

It’s Blue and It’s True!

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The first time I saw the name of this site I thought, “oh my!”. And then I thought, “Oh My Goodness!” Truisms

But what’s in a name really? What matters is what a site’s like on the inside, right huns?! So I have turned True Blue Bingo inside out and upside down just for you and this is how things shape up:

  • Get a £5 free no deposit bingo bonus for a limited time
  • Get 200% free when you make your first deposit
  • Play bingo for free and win real cash every Friday afternoon

So if you’ve done your math (what do you mean you’re still looking for a calculator?!) then you’ll see that with a first deposit of £10 you’ll already have £35 in your account – that’s a lot of bingo money!

True Blue BingoDeposit 10, Play with £35 @ True Blue

But how long this fabness will last is anybody’s guess – TrueBlue Bingo .com has just launched and like many newly launched sites its offers may be for a limited time only.

New Bingo Site for Dec 2011

So far TrueBlue has lived up to its early promises so look out for it my list of top new bingo sites in December 2011.

But don’t ask me to reveal exactly which sites will be in my top list because I’d have to kill you ;).

For now let’s focus on this is another gr8 little website in a medium-length line of fabulous Microgaming bingo sites. And one of my favourite features is the Bingo Ball for Life promotion that gives players extra chances to win £££ every week.

The Beauty of True Blue Bingo

Is it really such a bad name?

Here’s the beauty of a name like True Blue Bingo – it means so many things to so many different people. Here’s a little taster of how your neighbours, your kids, your friends and your neighbours kids’ friends might think of “True Blue”:

Fab New Site
True Blue BingoPlay TrueBlue NOW!

  1. If your neighbours have posters of Marget Thatcher in their windows then this would be an indication that they are “True Blue” Tories.
  2. If your friends are anything like me then True Blue takes you back to cheesy 80s night clubs playing back to back Madonna!
  3. If your kids have grown up, left school, finished uni, found a job but not quite had their first mid-life crisis then they might just remember a Jungle Brothers anthem: “I’m a jungle brother… true blue brother…”

You never know!!

Life is a tapestry people! And bingo sites never cease to surprise.


JJ x

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