The Latest Bingo Payment Options

If you’re like me then you’ll know it’s essential to keep yourself safe online. From general online safety to specific aspects, we are all responsible for how we protect ourselves from fraud. In this article, I’ve rounded up some of the latest payment methods that are on their way to the bingo world and how you can use them.


This method of payment allows sites to set up a special cashier window for their players. You pop your details in their special bank so they’re locked up safe, rather than being transmitted in a way that someone else could get hold of them. This works by authorising the payment to the site directly, instead of you having to enter your card details directly.

Safecharge isn’t available on a lot of UK sites yet, as it seems to be a bit more popular in Europe. If it proves to be popular enough then we may see this option making its way to our shores soon.


This payment method comes from a company that wants to make being secure simpler for users. That’s music to my ears, hun, as we all want security without a whole load of hassle. Zimpler is an app that you download to the device that you’re planning to play some bingo with.

You enter your card details into your newly created account and they store them securely. When you go to make a payment, the app will jump into the process and do it all for you. Lots of players use PayPal in this way, as it switches you to the app then back into your favourite site.

Remember if you’re using a mobile payment method like this then you should keep a password on your phone just in case it’s lost or stolen.


A cryptocurrency is a non-physical currency, so it’s not something that you can hold in your hand. Instead, it exists purely online and isn’t tied to a particular country or currency. Probably the most well-known version of this currency is bitcoin which is a currency that relies on a big chain of numbers.

Don’t get too frazzled with all this technical talk, it’s not tricky once you start using this currency. You purchase the currency from a central bank and it goes into a virtual wallet. Then, when you want to you can turn this back into your own currency. There are a select few casino sites accepting this payment method but it would be good for bingo sites to offer it too.


There are some bingo sites that accept Trustly so far, but more of them need to get on board with this. When you add your cards into your account, you use a code to access them and then you can choose which you want to use from there. This payment method is represented by a small, cartoon lock that you’ll see at the bottom of some sites.


This is an eWallet service that allows users to add money in and then acts as a middle man to the merchant. That way, you don’t disclose your details to the site directly and the Click2Pay servers are super secure. They keep your payment details safe and just move money around for you, similar to PayPal.

There is a mobile app for this payment method too, so if you’re a mobile player you can keep those details to hand. It’s worth checking your account now and again to make sure that there are no unauthorised payments being accepted on your behalf, if there are then you can call up the fraud team.


This is another payment method that’s quite like PayPal but with a few key differences too. It’s a worldwide payment method but it hasn’t really taken off in the UK yet, despite extensive advertisement campaigns. Webmoney can be used to send money to a friend or to deposit on your bingo site.

Add your cards to your account and then log in when you go through the cashier window on these sites. You’ll be redirected to their site to log in and authorise, then you’re ready to transfer that money over. Everything is clearly signed for users, so this is straightforward even for the tech novices out there. You can even get a loan through this service and pay it up at a later date if you choose.


You might wonder why it’s even important for these new payment methods to be accepted but bingo sites need to offer as much as possible to their players. These sites must give their players the best chance of beating the scammers out there with all the payment methods they could require. Just making it easier for players to do so is half the battle, so the more payment methods you can use, the better.

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