Tea Time 10K Jackpots

Time for £10,000 Bingo Jackpot Tea

It was about time we saw a few more big jackpot games at Tea Time :)!

It’s always nice when one of the things you love most in the world gives you another nice reason to love it even more. Now I promise I’m not going to get too gushy on you but so it is with the Tea Time Bingo site – just when I felt a need for some more super-jumbo jackpot action along came Mrs. T (not to be confused with Mr. T) with her 10k platinum powered lovely!

The offer is available all of August and the only requirement to be in with a chance of winning is that you must have spent a little something some time in the 48 hours before your big win. So in theory you could play whether or not you have deposited money, but you’d be taking a big gamble on being able to withdraw your winnings. Sounds like a recipe for disappointment to me. I’m thinking that’s how come players occasionally get grumpy feelings ;).

There is one of these £10,000 Tea Time jackpot bingo games every hour in the 90-ball bingo room, accessible from the TeaTime bingo lobby.

And huns, there’s more!!

Look out for the Must Go jackpot games too. In these games the number of calls to win will increase by one each game from a starting point of 34. There are not going to many winners 🙁 but the ones there are will be very happy :D.

So to get started you’ll need a TeaTime.co.uk account, at least £5 (minimum deposit possible) and more if you want to make the most of the 200% first deposit bonus. And finally you’ll need to lay your hands on a little lucky winner dust, for a fee I can put you in touch with my source ;).


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