T&C’s Changes on Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Those in the know about online bingo might have heard rumblings about changes to Dragonfish sites’ terms and conditions. If you want to know about what these mean for you then we have all the information that you need.

What Has Changed?

If you look into the wagering requirements of these sites then you will notice a difference. The upper limit of what you can win from bonus funds is different, as it has been lowered. This means that if you win big and meet the wagering requirements you will now be able to withdraw less real cash.

The new limit puts a maximum of £400 to withdraw from a bonus, though this won’t really affect most players. It sounds ominous but once you get into the terms and conditions, it’s really not that bad.

What Does This Mean For Players?

As we’ve said, the majority of players won’t find that this change makes much of a difference to them. If you do hit a jackpot, you’d still need to satisfy the real cash wagering requirements on the bonus before you withdraw.

Because of the way that wagering requirements work, this isn’t a likely scenario for many players. It won’t apply to games like progressive jackpots either, as these can only be played with real cash.

What Sites Were Effected

Any Dragonfish bingo site with 888 as the owner will be introducing the change to their terms. This includes sites like Daisy Bingo and Wink Bingo, the latter of which has made a change to their welcome offer recently. Their welcome offer has changed to include a week of bonuses, which will be affected by the terms and conditions.

Why Is The Change Taking Place?

There are a number of reasons for this change, primarily that 888 want to protect themselves from losing money on players. By reducing the limit that players can expect to withdraw, they’re reducing the amount that they can potentially lose.

They’re also making a change so that they can give their players better bonuses without the fear of losing money. If you enjoy more bonus funds to play with then this is good news for you. As wagering requirements can be hefty you might not make a jackpot but you may win more funds to play with.

Checking out the terms and conditions of a site is always a must, but don’t worry too much about these changes.

Will We See More Changes Like This In The Near Future On Other Bingo Networks As Well?

There are a lot of bingo networks online, each with different terms and conditions. This could be an isolated change on this network or it could spread to others as they see player reactions to it. If it proves to be unpopular then this could discourage other networks from doing the same. One thing worth noting is that in the latest UK budget announcement, a tax on free bets and bonuses was announced. This could influence a lot of changes in the bingo world, so stay tuned.

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