Super Tasty Bingo co UK Happenings

Jumbo Jackpot-tastic Bingo at Tasty

Details of three super-splendid pieces of guaranteed jackpot cake at the Tasty Bingo co UK site.

One of my favourite Posh bingo sister sites, Tasty has always been a great place to find a fun non-cash jackpot like a trip somewhere nice or some spa vouchers. See my Tasty Bingo co UK review. It’s lesser known for its amazing guaranteed jackpot games. Here are my top 3:

1. £200 Friday Night Feast

Fridays at 8.30pm is a great time for a cheeky game of bingo and it would be hard to find a cheekier one than this £200 gtd pot. The full house prize is a super-splendid £150 in this 90-ball game and tickets cost 20 pence a go and you’ve no obligation to buy more than one.

So 20p is all you need to add a little sugary sweetness to your Friday nights – is that the taste of victory on the tip of my tongue?! Well not yet it isn’t :(.

This is a gr8 value game – buying all your 48 ticket maximum allocation will cost you less than £10.

2. £2,000 Special

On Sunday October 2nd things really start to bubble with Tasty Bingo’s two thousand pound jackpot game. For 50p a ticket you can try to be the first to fill your champagne glass in this super-fab 75-ball game.

Sadly, we’re out of time to win any free cards for the game because Tasty stopped counting points a week ago :(. Tbh, huns, these free tickets are only sort of free because we’d have had to spend about £50 on bingo to get one. Better to just buy them then we know where we are and where we were and where we will be and everything is under control :D.

3. Deliciously Tasty £500

There is £500 up for grabs on Wednesdays at 9pm in this site’s super-special Golden Delicious game. And as with all these games, if you’ve got something else on and you don’t want to miss out then you can buy tickets in advance – just go to Tasty Bingo co UK, find the pre-buys tab and look for the game you want to play.

In this 75-ball game the player that covers the Apple pattern will win £100 cash but there will also be a bunch of 1tg winners who will each win their slice of the remaining £400.

Tickets for this game cost 50 pence a go with a 72 ticket maximum that will cost you £36 to buy, which sounds a lot given that the jackpot is only £100 :?. Still if you fancy your chances and can be quick on your feet then you might be interested in trying to win some DKNY perfume – maxing out will get you an entry for a Tasty Bingo prize draw.


JJ x

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