Skin-Care Tips for Long Term Travel: The Complete Guide to Looking Fab on the Road

Taking care of your skin whilst on holiday is tricky – but taking care of your skin while you’re away travelling long term can be a nightmare. Packing light means leaving your normal arsenal of beauty products behind, which on it’s own is enough to upset more difficult skin, while moving from one climate extreme to another takes it’s toll! As a long term backpacker, I’ve picked up plenty of tips for keeping your skin fresh and clear on the road – here are a few of my top tips…

Pack Light: The Only Skin Care Essentials You Actually Need

Travelling long term means carrying ALL your belongings with you in one case, usually a backpack. Believe me, there is nothing worse than lugging a heavy backpack all over a continent, so make sure you only take the bare minimum of everything – including beauty products. These three essentials should be all you really need to get by:

  • Cleanser: Hot weather, sweating, and stress can cause more frequent breakouts, so regular cleansing can make all the difference.
  • Moisturiser: Again, you should try to stick with your normal moisturiser, but make sure it’s a light one which includes SPF.
  • Sun Cream: Sun burn can ruin your travel plans, not to mention your photos, plus repeated sun damage can have terrible lasting effects. Good quality suncream is the number one skincare essential you can take on your travels.

Top Tip: Try to stick to your normal moisturiser and cleanser brands where possible, because an abrupt change can cause a change to your skin’s acid balance. If you know you can’t carry enough to last your trip, try to choose a worldwide brand which should be easier to replace.

You Don’t Need Make Up!

I know it can be tempting to bring your make-up bag with you. After all, you want to look your best in all those Instagram selfies. But make up is a bulky and unnecessary addition to your backpack, and it’s not much good for your skin, either.

Foundations in particular should be avoided, especially in hot weather, as they can worsen problems like dehydration, perspiration and spot breakouts.

If you really can’t live without make up at all, just stick to a lightweight BB cream or tinted moisturiser, and some waterproof mascara. Anything else will probably make your skin look much worse than if you just leave it alone.

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Tips for Hot Countries

Hot sun and arid climates can dry your skin out, so make sure to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and keep your skin fresh with a spray bottle of mineral water – also a great way to cool down!

Keep your skin covered up and avoid the midday heat when the sun is strongest.

Try not to do too much or you’ll burn out. Take it easy, rest often, and enjoy yourself! Tiredness can take it’s toll on your skin.

Tips for Cold Countries

Make sure you get plenty of minerals and vitamins into your diet, and also consider investing in some herbal teas, which are packed full of antioxidants.

Get outdoors whenever possible and stay active, because central heating and too much sitting still can be very bad for your skin. But: wrap up warm and take care of your health. Nothing ruins a trip faster than getting sick!

Do as the Locals Do

Remember that the locals have been putting up with their climate for centuries, so they proabably have some helpful tips. Local spas are often inexpensive and a great way not only to relax, but to treat your skin to a deep steam cleanse or some intense moisturisation. This is also a great way to experience something new and get an insight into part of the local culture.

At markets, look out for local beauty products, from argan oil in Morocco to chocolate face masks in Ecuador. Buying local supports the economy, and it means you don’t have to carry everything around with you.

Wherever you go on your travels, just be sure to look after yourself, stay healthy, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. If you’re feeling great on the inside, chances are your skin will reflect that, so stop stressing about how you look and enjoy your trip!

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