RubyBingo Jumbo Jackpots

Maximise Your RubyBingo Merriment!

Here’s a summary of RubyBingo’s magical mix of guaranteed (gtd) and progressive jackpot (PJP) games.

Groovy Gtd Bingo Jackpots

Ruby belongs to the Virtue Fusion bingo site network and very helpfully brings players to the brink of heavenly happytimes by offering this network’s Bingo Linx games. It also has a few big JPs of its own. All these gtd bingo jackpot games have massive prizes that play every day, week or once a month depending on the prize size… but all tickets cost 50 pence.

  • Lunchtimes: head to the Royal Court room at midday things kick off with a £1,500 gtd jackpot game.
  • Evenings: every day at 6pm you can win a share of £2,500. This game also plays in Royal Court.
  • Nights: at 9:30 and 10:30 there are £1,000 and £4,000 jackpots with tickets still costing only 50p. The first game plays in Cloud 9 while the second is played back in the Royal Court room.
  • Weekly: every Sunday there are 4 big games from 8pm until 11pm, each with a £1k prize.
  • Monthly: once a month on the last Sunday things get completely out of hand with a huge £10k to be shared by a very lucky few.

If memory serves the monthly game plays instead of the 10:30pm jackpot in the Royal Court room.

Perfectly Lovely RubyBingo PJPs

We’ve been playing Ruby’s progressive jackpots for years and this means that she knows exactly how to make these PJP bingo games as exciting as possible. The selection available is bingo-brain-boggling. In order of the biggest to the smallest:

  1. Crown Jewel: It starts at £5,000 and currently stands at £91,860!! It is a tricky one to win – full house needed in just 29 balls on a 90-ball game :o. But with over £90k in the bank it looks like a good one to aim for to me :D. Head to the Royal Court room to play.
  2. Big Apple: This 75-ball PJP starts at £5k and is won with a 42 balls bingo. Play it in the Americano room. This apple seems like it’s on steroids or something – there’s £30,107 in the pot!
  3. Sky High: Though it started small with £2.5k in the pot things are looking very lively now at £16,350 :). Head to the Cloud Nine 75-ball room to join the fun.
  4. Cash Blaster: Another 90-ball in the Ruby Rush room, this time starting at £10k and needing a 33-ball bingo to win it. This one looks like its been recently won since it currently stands at £10,720.


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