Ruby Bingo Site Goes Down After Staff Walk Out

William Hill Online Marketing Revolt

A Financial Times article on Tuesday 18 October 2011 reported comments from William Hill senior management stating that, “the availability of its customer-facing websites” was not affected.

However, I have been trying to go to for over 24 hours now with no luck.

Either William Hill has a strange idea of which its customer-facing websites are or this is a new development in the saga of its recent online marketing problems that has occurred since the company made its statement on Tuesday.

The Financial Times says that William Hill has flown senior staff to Israel to try to encourage staff from the company’s online marketing and support centres to go back to work. All of its 200 staff walked out of the Tel Aviv offices on Sunday 16 October and only 20 went back to work according to the Sun, which was the newspaper that first broke the story.

On Tuesday the Sun reported that William Hill online executive Jim Mullen offered the Israeli workers a month’s pay if they went back to work!

Analysts are saying that the walkout undermines the success of William Hill’s merger with online gaming company PlayTech. All I know for sure huns is that I can’t see – every time I try to enter the site I get redirected to the William Hill site!

It’s pretty crazy stuff. I never heard of an online bingo site going offline for as long as this. Although you can still play the Ruby Bingo game clicking on a button from the William Hill page you get redirected to.

Players must be worried about their money, although I think this sounds like a temporary problem most likely. And William Hill has reassured us with a statement on its site that says, “your account will remain secure”.

If you have any questions you can try calling 0808 120 3497 or email

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