Ruby 125k

Ruby Bingo has invited YOU to her awesome party with £125,000 up for grabs this Friday!

£125,000 in Bingo Jackpots? Really?

Damn right!

Hadn’t you had the pleasure of meeting the acquaintance of little Ruby Bingo yet? She’s the feisty little brunette who loves a good bingo bonus party as much as the next online bingo lover, and when you look at her latest promotions alone you won’t be able to help but get into the spirit of things!

Party, Party, Party!

On Friday 24th February, make sure you are cozied up on the sofa with a lovely glass of vino and a (family) bag of crisps to munch instead of hitting the pub because Ruby Bingo (read full review) has invited you to her exclusive party! There are no drunken arguments, lost purses and hangovers here though – just a tonne of fun and cheeky chat room banter whilst you play for a huge £125,000!

Better than a few vodka’s and a bag of peanuts, I assure you!

If you just can’t resist the lure of the pub or that nightclub, then you don’t necessarily have to be at home to win – you can pre-buy your tickets NOW and win whilst you’re partying the night away!

The Drinks are on YOU!

Tickets to this evening of thrill-packed games – kicking off at 6pm with a Bingo Linz game – vary, so make sure you check out the price before you jump in head first! There’s Grab a Grand, £2K Bingo, Friday Fun with £2,500 up for grabs and tonnes more! In fact, there are event 1TG and 2 TG bingo games. Basically there are TONNES of little sub-parties here and there totalling £125,000, so make sure you’re a member!

Grab Your Little Black Dress!

This generous little gal even offers up £5 free bingo no deposit needed so that you can try out some of her famous bingo games before you even deposit and grab your mega 300% welcome bonus!

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