Responsible Gambling Week in the UK

If you have visited one of your favourite casinos or bingo sites in the UK this month, you might have heard of Responsible Gambling Week. Some of our favourite sites have redirected players to the official site about problem gambling. We thought we would take a closer look at it here to learn more.

What are the signs of problem gambling?

There are many signs that could indicate someone has a problem:

  • Continually focusing on gambling, often to the detriment of everyone and everything else
  • Telling lies about your gambling habits, to others and to yourself
  • Going over your gambling budget
  • Funnelling all your money into gambling
  • Selling things to give you access to more money to gamble with
  • Having arguments with people you know because of your gambling habit
  • Gambling more to try to win back money you have already lost
  • Missing work or other commitments to give you more time to gamble

These are some of the main signs that gamblers might identify with. The more serious the problem becomes the more signs show up. Many gamblers may be able to hide their activities from the ones they love for a time, but they cannot hide them forever.

What steps have top brands taken to prevent problem gambling?

All responsible brands in the UK have already taken major steps to help players who may have a problem in this area. These include the following steps:

Setting personal gambling limits

A good site knows some people might need to set themselves limits. You may realise you want to play, but you want to reduce the risk of wagering too much. Reputable sites do all they can to encourage responsible gambling by letting you set these limits within your account.

Providing self-exclusion options

Self-exclusion means that you will be barred from visiting or logging into the site you have excluded yourself from. They will also make sure you do not receive any emails from them that could tempt you back into playing again.

Providing deposit limit options

It is possible to set a limit on the size of every deposit you make. This removes any temptation that might exist to deposit more than you can afford.

Giving players tips on maintaining parental control

Sometimes, it’s not the adults in a household who are the concern. All responsible sites have provided players with advice and information on using parental controls. These allow an adult to limit or prohibit access to certain websites such as casinos and bingo sites that could be tempting for young people to visit.

Providing links to websites and services designed to support gamblers

Finding problem gambling help is the first step towards solving a gambling problem. Many online gambling sites have extensive sections giving clickable links to agencies and services such as GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous.

Are you a responsible gambler?

Most people know their limits. However, it is reassuring to know that many steps have already been taken within the industry to provide players with all the support and advice they could need. Responsible Gambling Week is another way to draw attention to this.

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