Resolver: Free Guided Complaints Tool for UK Bingo Players

Most of our readers enjoy playing online bingo games and thanks to the sophistication of modern bingo sites, there is always support available on a site should you require it. However, disputes can occur between players and bingo networks which is why the UK Gambling Commission is about to release a new tool which could help you get the support that you require should something untoward happen while you play the game.

The New Online Support Tool

The new tool is known as Resolver and it is an online support platform to help consumers submit a complaint that relates to gambling. The tool itself is free for consumers and will provide information about an issue that a consumer may want to complain about while also providing support to help you write an email or letter.

While this sounds promising, it’s important to note that Resolver will not act on the consumer’s behalf but it does help you make the best complaint possible in a structured and meaningful way. It also offers a platform for making informed choices on what actions to take, which is helpful to navigate the process.

Providing a Framework

The tool is not only aimed at providing online customer support but also to help businesses deal with a complaint in a more efficient and satisfactory manner. This can help manage customer expectations about a particular issue and also set the benchmark for a company on how best to proceed should the same issue arise again. Resolver can further help consumers store all their case info in a single location and it also provides an email platform as well.

This basically means that the customer’s complaint will be will be sent from a specialised email address just as it would from say Outlook or Gmail. Resolver remains entirely independent to the Gambling Commission but has liaised with the organisation to help build the case information that will be required.

A Fresh Way to Have Issues Resolved

The complaints process can be confusing for lots of consumers but Resolver will help some of our bingo players should they require it. The key for many of our bingo players who play on several bingo sites is to understand your rights whilst preparing an email or letter. The tool will also explain when it is best to escalate an issue and provide information on who you should be aiming to speak to in order to resolve a complaint.

Should you make a complaint against a bingo site, Resolver will not take control of the case but instead provide a channel that offers support, guidance and key information. A bingo site resolving your issue promptly is good for business, good for Resolver and of course, good for the consumer! The resource is free to use as well which is fantastic and we can really see it being a success.

Encouraging Engagement

The tool is designed to encourage engagement and open dialogue between a consumer and a gambling company. We can see it being a hit with some of our bingo players due to the fact that it speeds up the complains process. By helping the customer record and prepare communications, it can help to hold a bingo brand to account should it fall under the standards that are expected in the UK.

There is the argument that Resolver will actually cause more complaints due to making the process more accessible and easy to understand. However, it can also help bingo players understand their rights on a site and can actually reduce some complaints as well. Overall, we feel that the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Got a Complaint?

The tool has been live since the start of August and has already helped a lot of consumers resolve some issues with their respective online gambling platforms. If you want some more information then you can head over to the website where there is a list of useful FAQs.

Sometimes we all have to make a complaint about something even if we don’t really want to. Resolver will help you make sure that you give your best possible chance of having your complaint upheld. Check it out if you need any help with your gambling experience.

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