RedBus Bingo

Sounds to good to be true? At wwwRedBusBingocom anything is possible huns! If there is a catch it is that the £1000 free bingo prize is awarded to your bingo bonus account so you can’t withdraw it straight away – only spend it on more bingo games.

£1000 Free Bingo Game Every Night!

Top Free Tip
Make sure you ‘buy’ a full strip of 6 cards for every free game you play huns! There’s no reason not to!! Sign up now!

The game plays every night at 9:15pm.

The good news is that the prize bonus £s are not subject to the same wagering requirements that your deposit bonus is so as soon as you get a big win with your £1000 free bingo bonus you will be able to withdraw it no worries.

Wagering Requirements

In any case the wagering requirements at wwwRedBusBingocom are not so tough compared to some bingo sites. You have to spend through your first deposit and bonus twice before you can withdraw winnings. This is a lot less than I’ve seen at some bingo sites where this play-through requirement can be as many as 10 or 15 times your bonus.

The RedBus first deposit bonus is a funny one – deposit a minimum of a fiver to qualify and you be presented with a very special scratchcard. Behind each of the boxes is a bonus percent from 100% to 2000%!! So scratch and see how much your first bonus will be :)!

I guess if you deposited £50 and won a 2000% bonus (£1,000) things could be interesting for you if yo win. In theory you would have to pay 2 x (£50 + £1,000) = £2,100 before you withdraw money. But I doubt this happens very often ;). Most likely you will deposit ten pounds this first time and get £30 free and you will need to spend (2 x £50) = £100 before trying to cash out.

The Games

And most likely you will never have to stop and think about whether you have spent through your deposit and bonus twice because it will just happen as time flies by on the back of the big RedBus :).

Apart from the nightly FREE 1000 game, here are top three (and a half) tips on how time can be made to fly the fastest:

  1. Look forward to the last Friday of every month with new fervor! At 9:45 RedBus will send £2,000 up in smoke and three lucky winners will get to watch it burn!! Tickets cost £1 each.
  2. Keep yourself busy with half an eye on the next £25,000 Joy Pot game. This game may be held at any of the five RedBus Bingo sister sites (Wink, Posh, Tasty or Bingo Street) but wherever it’s held you will be able to earn free tickets while playing at RedBus. There are 4 games per year (the next one is on the Oct 31st @ Wink).
  3. Friday and Saturday nights there is always something fun going on: Fridays there is a £1 million coverall game called Big Ben (£1 a go; £500 min) and on Saturdays 5p gets you a shot at a £200 prize. These games play at 9:30pm and 9:45pm respectively.

We’ve barely scratched the bonnet of this big RedBus tbh huns and already I’m itching for a free ride :).


JJ xxxx

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