Real Money Gambling Apps on Google Play!

It has been a long time since we’ve seen real money gambling apps on the Google Play store as until very recently they have been banned. Now, Google have decided to allow these in a number of regions, which has led to many players flocking to downloading these software packages.

New Games on Offer

Real money apps from a variety of operators have now been added into the Google Play store. This means that we’ll see a lot of bingo and casino brands popping up in among our favourite apps. You may be accustomed to popping onto this destination to play Candy Crush or social games, but now we can download real money ones too.

While it was possible to download apps prior to this change, it was a bit more hassle and also less secure. It was up to users to take the risk of downloading additional software packages from outside sources and then install them on their device for themselves.

This new change makes it easier and safer for players to access these apps, as they know they’re coming from a trusted source. This is great for those that maybe don’t feel comfortable downloading real money apps for Android without knowing where they come from.

Regions Affected

So far, this change has only taken place in the UK, France and also in Ireland. This is fantastic news for UK bingo players, as we’d hazard a guess that sites will put more effort into making apps now that they are easier to distribute. As there’s already a ready audience on the store, they’ll find that they have a much higher download rate than they’re accustomed to.

This is fab, as we’ll likely see more sites choosing to make the investment in bingo and Android casino apps in future. Frankly, we and a lot of other players just feel more comfortable getting them from a source we’re accustomed to.

As we go on, this change should roll out across the world as it should be a global policy before long. This won’t include countries in which online gambling has not been legalised however, as this would go against the overall user terms and conditions.

What’s Next for Mobile Bingo?

Thanks to the addition of these apps to the store, we can predict a lot of new innovations. As these apps are becoming more mainstream games, we may see the tech that we use to access them change. This could mean we’re looking out for augmented or virtual reality games in future, as this might just give the industry the kick it needs to get in on the latest tech.

This is a great innovation for the industry so far and it will create a fair stir for these brands. This will be sure to give us lots of new opportunities to play. We’ll be keeping an eye on the app store to watch out for new brands cropping up here soon. Mobile bingo here we come!

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