Real Money Bingo Network

If you are an online bingo pro or a regular reader of our site then you might have heard about the launch of the brand new Real Money Bingo Network. If you play the game regularly then there is every chance that you have crossed paths with the Dragonfish Network. This is definitely one of the most well-known names in online bingo and the company is looking to expand its already pristine reputation with the launch of the Real Bingo Network.

What is the Real Bingo Network?

Basically, the brand new Dragonfish real money bingo network is the very first no bonus bingo network to go live in the UK and we are really excited about it. Overall, the purpose of the network is to provide a platform for players who enjoy the Dragonfish range of bingo sites but are less than impressed by the wagering conditions that come with the bonuses that are offered on these sites.

The Benefits of the Network

No wagering requirements bingo is a dream for many and for those players who are continually frustrated by online bingo wagering. The main advantage of joining the network is that you will be able to play on some great online bingo sites that will offer no wagering bingo games.

That’s right, any cash that you manage to win, you will be able to withdraw with minimum fuss. It may sound too good to be true but there are already some great bingo sites becoming part of the brand new Real Bingo Network.

Where Can You Play?

Some popular Dragonfish bingo sites are already getting on board with some excellent chances to win some cash prizes on these sites. Here are a few of the sites that we have found that are joining the Real Bingo Network:

Hunky Bingo

This site actually relaunched in June 2017 and moved from the traditional Dragonfish Network to the new Real Bingo Network. Interestingly, Hunky Bingo still uses Dragonfish software but the switch to this new network has resulted in lots of new welcome offers.

Blighty Bingo

This is the site to choose if you want to play some free bingo no wagering requirements games and this British-themed bingo site has some excellent jackpots to play for.

Zinger Bingo

One of the most colourful bingo sites on the whole of the web and another site that has made the switch to the Real Bingo Network. The vibrant lime green theme and the friendly parrots are sure to appeal to lots of players.

There are also more sites moving onto this network, with some new launches in the pipeline too. If you’re interested in no strings attached fun then be sure to keep your eyes peeled on this network.

In Summary

This new network seems pretty promising, with a lot to offer both new and existing players. With some existing sites moving over and new ones launching on this network, we think it will grow quickly to say the least. We’ll keep you updated on this.

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