Proprietary Bingo Sites

Regular players may have encountered the idea of proprietary bingo software on sites but may not really understand what it means. Worry not, we’re here to teach you all about this software and what it means for you!

Sites with Best In-House Games And Software

To experience what custom bingo software looks like for yourself, then the following are great examples of these:

  • mFortune – With a £5 no deposit bonus available, you can dive into this site with ease. Avail yourself of their unique software and enjoy playing on their fab games.
  • Moobile Games – This rustic themed site is charming and has some brilliant mobile games on offer for you to play. They even have a no deposit bonus waiting for their new players.
  • Lady Lucks – Play both bingo and slot games on this cool blue site. Their no deposit bonus of £20 should be more than enough to get you playing.

Make the most of these sites and their offers by reading through their T&Cs before you play.

What Are Proprietary Bingo Sites?

The definition of these sites is that they must have unique design and use their own software. This would be the opposite of something like Dragonfish, as this software is shared between loads of sites. They are sites that use their own software that isn’t found elsewhere online.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using This Kind Of Site?

We all know that any aspect of playing bingo online comes with pros and cons. In this section, we’ll be detailing the good and bad points of using a site with stand alone bingo software.


  • Totally new experience
  • Can try out new games and lobbies
  • May be optimised especially for mobile
  • Games can be exclusive
  • There can be exclusive promotions too
  • Usually developed by an in house team that can handle queries


  • Players may not be accustomed to the technology
  • There may be a bit of a learning curve involved with using it
  • The sites may be less reputable than one from a larger group

Of course, the exact experience that you have will be down to the site that you play on, as some can be better than other. It’s hard to categorise these sites as something better than networked ones but they certainly offer something a bit different.

Stand Alone Sites Vs. Big Networks Vs. A Mix of Both

Stand alone sites are great for the benefits listed above, but how do they shape up to big networks? Well, they can be better if you’re tired of the same old cookie cutter sites, Dragonfish sites can be particularly bad for this. It seems that some just have a different theme but with all of the same promotions that leave players uninspired.

The good part about a wider network is that you can pick and choose your site and promotions. As stand alone sites by definition aren’t replicated across other sites, if you want a bigger welcome offer or VIP scheme then you’ll be stuck for choice.

Larger networks may be able to offer you a bigger bonus too, as they’re more established in the bingo world. Proprietary sites are more likely to mix things up and give you no deposit bonuses, low wagering requirements or something innovative.

There are sites that offer a mixture of the big network software but with their own promotions. These can be seen as better for players, as they get the best of both worlds, but they’re not without their flaws. If you’re looking for unique games for example, then these sites wouldn’t be suitable.

The Bottom Line

Whether you prefer proprietary software or networked software will just come down to the kind of player that you are. If you’d rather play with a lobby that you recognise then you’ll probably want to go down the network route, if you’re a player that’s seeking something unique then propriety sites might just be the answer.

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