Progressive Jackpot Slots

Many people swear by playing progressive jackpot slots to really maximise their chances of winning big. In this article, we’re going over everything you need to know about these games and whether they’re too good to be true.

Where to Find the Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you want to have a go on some progressive slots then we think that you should play on these sites:


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What is a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

To start with, let’s cover the basics about what exactly progressive slot jackpots are. The word progressive is what changes these slots from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

This refers to the fact that each wager that is made on the game has a percentage of it going into the prize pool. The exact amount changes on each game and is usually detailed in full on the paytable, so you can find out all about it.

Some games even have more than one progressive jackpot, these can vary in size and take a different contribution of the wager. Many are networked, so it won’t matter what site you’re playing on, you’ll be adding to the jackpot.

Can I Win Using Bonus Funds Or Free Spins?

Generally, any progressive jackpot slots online games can’t be played with bonus funds or free spins. This is because the jackpot is paid in real cash so it can only be paid into with cash too. It makes sense, as you wouldn’t want a portion of your jackpot to be paid in bonuses and it would take a lot of time to calculate this too.

Some of these games also impose a minimum wager too, as players can’t play with really low wagers and expect to win the full amount. Other games may give you a higher chance to win if you wager more, it’s up to the player if they feel that’s worth it.

When Will The Jackpot Drop?

Again, this is an aspect that depends on the game as there are a few different ways a jackpot could be triggered. Some of the most common include:

  • Randomly triggered, can be won on any spin.
  • Specific combination of symbols needed.
  • Access to a bonus round, in which the player must then trigger the jackpot.

Standalone Vs. Network Progressive Jackpot Slot

If you’re playing on a networked version of these slots then you’ll notice that the jackpot climbs much quicker, as there are more players contributing. This also has a slight negative effect, as you’re less likely to win if there are more players vying for the same prize.

How Does RTP Effect Winnings?

The return to player percentage is generally lower on the progressive version of a slot game. Even a progressive and non-progressive version of the same game will have a different RTP. This is because you’re playing for a larger prize with the progressive version and it can be trickier to trigger. Again, this is something that you’ll need to decide if you think it’s worth it.

Are There Ts and Cs To Think About?

We’re always harping on about terms and conditions but they apply to these jackpots too. Here are the ones that you’ll want to think about in advance:

  • How is the jackpot paid out? It’s not a given that you’ll be paid out in one go, you may have to arrange to claim your jackpot in instalments rather than all at once.
  • Are there withdrawal limits? Sometimes, on winning a progressive jackpot, you’ll be allowed to forego the usual withdrawal limits after a safety check. This does depend on the site though, some may force you to stick to the maximum per day, month or year.
  • Are there publicity requirements? Not everyone wants their acquaintances knowing that they’ve won a jackpot but publicity may be a clause within the game you’re playing. This may mean posing for pictures, providing a quote or even just your name.

Our Thoughts on Progressive Jackpots

All in all, these jackpot games can change your life forever if you’re a winner. By playing on one of these, you’re slightly less likely to win but the money that you could win is much more significant.

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