Printable Coronation Street Bingo Cards

Calling all TV Soap fans! If you’re a fan of the program ‘Coronation Street’ then you’re going to love our Coronation Street bingo cards. They are based on the program, and are full of favourite’s tropes from the show. We are sure you will enjoy playing the game, and hopefully the bingo cards, will become your favourite pastime, while watching the TV soap.

It’s Easy And Exciting

The bingo game is very easy to play, because all you have to do is sit down with paper and a pen, with a friend or a family member. Watch the latest episode of Coronation Street, then mark off each trope, as and when it appears on your TV screen.

The first person to complete a line of five squares wins the game. But it doesn’t end there, because if you keep watching the program in future episodes, then you may even get a full house win.

How To Play The Game In 5 Simple Steps

1. Print out both bingo cards:

Click here to see card #1!
Click here to see card #2!
Coronation Street Bingo 2

2. Give one to your friend, or family member
3. Have paper and two pens at the ready, one for you, and one for your friend
4. Watch the latest episode of Coronation Street
5. Mark off the squares on your bingo cards, each time you see the soap tropes.

So, get cracking and prepare your bingo cards, just print them, and follow the steps above and you really can’t go wrong. Good luck and have fun!

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