Printable Bingo Cards

Did you know that there is such a thing as printable bingo cards?  That’s right – instead of heading off out to your local bingo hall, you could simply download these cards, print them off and hold your very own fun packed bingo games!  That of course means that you need to think up a prize, but there is always Poundland for those! 

Oi, Corrie fans! Don’t miss JJ’s printable Coronation Street bingo cards!

Different Types of Bingo Cards

For every different type of bingo on offer, there is a printable bingo card that can be found online.  Fancy some good old British 90 ball bingo action?  The download the terrific 3 line cards.  Want to try some American bingo gaming?  Then you can download the 75 ball bingo format and use the 5 by 5 grid to play.  You can even download 5 line bingo, and because you can choose how many balls you want to use, you can play 80 ball bingo or even the action packed and thrilling 30 ball bingo using the 75 ball bingo format, too.  The choice is yours – all you need to know is where to grab those tickets. 


That’s right – if you didn’t find what you were looking for above, all you have to do to grab some printable bingo tickets is hit Google.  When you do so, you will pull up a whopping 45 pages of the stuff, and the great thing is that you can choose whether you want them pre-filled or blank to fill them out yourself.

Lots of Different Looks!

Another fab thing about these cards is that you can choose the look.  There are hundreds and even thousands of different looks, from plain and sensible to fun and silly!  You can choose black and white or colour and even choose some with a theme like the Wild West, Christmas, Halloween and so on.  This is fantastic because no matter what the reason for holding he bingo game is, you can make your bingo tickets fit with the theme that you want.  There are even sites that allow you to generate your own cards; you can pick the colour, the font and the theme!  This is great for choosing tickets for ladies nights, too, as there are tonnes of bingo tickets ladies love!

It’s Free!

You don’t have to pay a penny to download and print these tickets, unless of course you count the ink and paper cost!  These are all completely and utterly free, but if you find a site that is trying to charge you then go somewhere else!

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