Posh Bingo Summer 2011

Promo-tastic Summer at Posh Bingo Site!

Just how classy really are the bingo sites you play at huns? Can they compete with Posh’s supremely aristocratic promos? I think not ;)!

Play Bingo at Posh NOW!


Hot off its fabulous LA jackpot game held at the beginning of July, Posh Bingo .com is back with more jumbo jackpot juiciness to quench your thirst after another dry English summer, err, we wish :).

As a member of the Joy of Bingo Network, Posh players know they’re going to get a few gynormous bingo games a year – there’s the 4 joy pots with their £25 K prize pools, and we’ve got a week of carnival themed craziness coming up very soon with £15k being given away, practically with zero risk to our precious pockets full of pennies.

I would have settled for that – plenty to keep me entertained – I don’t ask for much!! But methinks that at the Posh Bingo site they want to surprise us and really exceed our expectations. And who’s going to complain about that.

Yes, to end the summer, Posh is going to give away a total of £3,000 in vouchers that can be spent in your favourite shops up and down the streets of England (if there are any left by the time the rioting has finished :(). Here are the super-splendid details of this fab new summer 2011 bingo game:

  • The game plays on September 30th at 9:45pm
  • Tickets cost £1 and you can get them now by heading to the Pre-Buy bit of the Posh Bingo lobby
  • £1.5 K full house bingo prize shopping vouchers 😀

But as usual the best thing about these games for properly posh players is that we can earn free tickets for the game just by doing what we always do :). It helps to be a bit careful while we do it though, here are my top two tips…

  1. Make sure you write two letters to Leanne before Monday September 26th, one saying who your favourite fashion designer is and another telling her what you will be spending your vouchers on. Tell her why too and make it funny; she must get millions of these letters ;). This gets you 300 points.
  2. Deposit and spend your way through £100 of bingo games. This guarantees you another 200 points. With just over 5 weeks until the game that means spending about £20 per week. You may find you don’t need to spend quite so much if you bag a few bingos on the shoe or shopping bag patterns :).

That will get you 500 points and one free ticket. It’s quite a lot of money tbh, maybe the £1 ticket is a smarter option :?. And don’t be choosing Valentino – he’s all mine!!

Have fun whatever you decide. GLA!

xx JJ xx

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