Posh Bingo Com

My mum always said that if you take care of your pennies your pounds will take care of themselves and I never really knew what she meant until I saw Posh Bingo com’s Daily Penny Games with guaranteed £25 jackpots.Now we’re talking :D!

Count Your Posh Bingo Com Pennies

For some Posh is the place where they play their jumbo jackpot bingo games. It has lots of these lovely dream doodling games it’s true but one of the things that truly sets PoshBingo com apart from the average bingo site crowd are its gr8 value penny games, and fab free bingo funtimes too.

The 1p games play every day at 8:15pm and you can even pre-buy your tickets so that you don’t have to be online to play. The £25 guaranteed jackpot is way above average for a cheeky penny game. While this probably means that there will be lots of people playing, I still think this is one of the best value games out there. But the best way to judge is by playing it. And if you don’t have fun while you do then I’ll eat my mum’s straw hat.

At the other end of the scale, July 2nd sees Posh host a very lovely Los Angeles prize game – the winner gets £2,500 of travel vouchers plus £500 cash spending money, more than enough to fund a fab few days in the City of Angels. Although, if I read it right, you needn’t actually go to L.A. – presumably you could choose to spend your £2.5k on a trip somewhere else. Check with Posh before playing if this is important to you.

And because this is Posh Bingo com tickets for this game are a very super-splendid £1 a go. And because this is PoshBingo you can earn free tickets too, by sending in a couple of letters explaining where in LA you would most like to visit, why plus with whom you would go and why. This won’t get you a whole ticket though, only about 2/3 – you can finish earning it by playing lots of bingo, about £75 worth. Posh Bingo promo codes won’t help you much here. But you’ve got plenty of time…

A gr8 value way to earn a free ticket would be to make your first Posh deposit £25 – the site will then give you 200% (£50) free bingo money making a total of £75. By the time you’ve spent it all you’ll have one free ticket for the LA game. Or, err, I guess you could just go ahead and buy one for a pound :?. There’s a reason I am not an accountant ;).

I guess Posh Bingo promo codes might help if you’re already a player at the site, and you’re really determined to earn some free tickets – you can often get £30 free on a £50 deposit, which would be another way to get enough to earn a free ticket. But like I say, they probably shouldn’t let me talk numbers. I’m a big of a liability.

GLA! xXx

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