Fined for Playing Bingo for Biscuits

Bingo is such a fun pastime – generally people are just so happy to play it doesn’t need to be for money on online bingo sites – it can be for anything as long as you are having fun with your mates!  At least that’s what we thought – but it looks like it can be taken very seriously if you aren’t complying with proper licensing and legislation even if you think you are just having fun with your mates.

There were 28 British and Irish holiday makers and expatriates got into some trouble with the police in Portugal after they were caught playing bingo for biscuits and drinks!  The Landlady of The Yorkshire Tavern in Albufeira was fined £595 for hosting the game and also received a 4 months suspended prison sentence.  She has of course stated that the bar would not be hosting any such bingo games again but she was shocked and the legislations in place were wrong in many ways.

Her charge was “exploitation of illegal gambling, illegal gambling, and witnessing illegal gambling”.  Although some of the people at the bar weren’t partaking in their bingo game – they also got fined £125 and received a 3 months suspended sentence for witnessing the game.  Ms Pittaway stated:

“I put on the bingo for some entertainment and a bit of fun. We were only playing for some biscuits and drinks. Have more fun, read more about this cool jackpot bingo.

“One minute we were all playing, having a bit of fun and then we were just bundled off in three police vans and taken to the police station.”

One of the people at the bar stated that although he was allowed to return home to the UK and not appear in court – he was barricaded by the police who were armed and informed them they were being arrested for being part of an illegal gambling group.  What do you think folks – a little harsh?

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