Pattern Bingo Games

There are many types of bingo available to play online, each player will usually have a different preference regarding their favourite games. Many players love pattern bingo, which is a fun way to win yourself a jackpot!

Best Sites to play Pattern Bingo

If you want to try out this game then you can play over at these sites:

Cheers Bingo

If you choose to play the 75 ball bingo games here, you can pick from a huge array of different rooms.

T&C's apply.

Big Tease Bingo

The Blockbuster pattern game here takes place on the last Friday of each month, with a sliding jackpot of up to £10K.

T&C's apply.

If you plan to play on these sites or in their games, you should check out their T&Cs before you do.

What is Pattern Bingo and how do you Play it?

Pattern bingo is pretty simple, you’re given a card with a 5×5 grid on there and a pattern that you want to complete. These bingo patterns can be different on different sites and even in different games.

It’s common to see these pattern bingo games themed around certain promotions or times of the year. They can have patterns like suns, perhaps if you’re playing to win a holiday, or require you to spell out a word over the course of a few games.

The numbers will be called throughout the course of the game and you will see your pattern start to build up. The pattern needed for the game will be displayed on the screen and with most bingo software, your cards will be dabbed automatically. Then, you just need to hope that your numbers match up to the pattern to be a winner, it really couldn’t be any easier!

Types of Patterns you Might See

Basically anything that can be represented on a bingo grid can be a pattern. Smaller ones can even move around, these are known as crazy ones. Then, even smaller ones can appear mirrored, backwards or any other orientation on the board.

Check out this handy diagram below to learn about these different types of patterns:

What makes Pattern Bingo so Fun?

We love the sheer amount of free pattern bingo games that you can play in, as it has to be one of the most prolific ones out there. This is popular with players and it allows you to participate in a bit more fun, beyond the usual lines that you must get with 90 ball bingo.

The jackpots for these types of games can also be a bit larger, as they can be progressive on many sites. It also has a lot of flexibility involved, as sites can dictate what kinds of jackpots they want to offer their players with this game.

Above all, if you’re paying for tickets to pattern bingo games, you’ll find that these are some of the cheapest games to play. They usually cost just pennies to get involved in, especially if they take place as part of a longer bingo event. Many sites use this form of bingo for tourneys too, as players can bingo on the pattern to win points. The possibilities really are endless with this game!

This game also takes a bit less time to play, as there are less balls and numbers on the card needed for a win. This means that it can be ideal for players in a rush or those that want to fit in as many games as possible. There’s also no learning curve involved, as it’s one of the simplest games to understand with no tricky rules.

What don’t we like about it?

Generally, pattern bingo can seem a bit harder to win than regular bingo, as it’s a bit more specific. It can also be super frustrating if you are just one away from the pattern and someone else wins the prize, but this is a common theme throughout all bingo games really.

Some sites make pattern bingo exciting with big prizes and interesting gameplay, but others can neglect this game type. This can mean that you’re left without many interesting games to play, instead stuck with the same old patterns for measly jackpots. This is more a flaw with the site rather than a specific game though, so choose where you play wisely.

Summary of Pattern Bingo

This type of bingo game can offer you hours of fun if you give it a chance! Though it may not be your usual 90 ball game, you should check this game out if you want to try something new without seeking out a variant. Just look for big jackpot games and you’ll be an expert player in no time at all.

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