Online Bingo Vs Bingo Halls – The Ultimate Showdown

When it comes to playing bingo you will find that you normally have two options at your disposal, you can either visit an online site or you can go to a hall.

Both of these options have their own advantages for using them as well as a few disadvantages, we’ve come up with a simple comparison list you can use to cement your decision.

The Games They Play

To start things off, we have the differences in the game types that these two areas cover. The majority of bingo halls, for example, tend to provide players with the classic UK game of 90 ball bingo. However, you do get the occasional hall that will provide you with the 80 ball version of bingo to play.

Bingo sites, on the other hand, have a larger range of games for you to play. For example, you can enjoy the classic 90 ball bingo game as well as a few 80 ball games depending on where you go. But, they also provide 75, 50 and 30 ball bingo games to play as well as side games like slots, classic casino titles and a couple of scratchcards as well.

The Bonuses They Offer

The bonuses are where bingo sites really come into their own. The majority of bingo sites give players the chance to play for great prizes in games that will reward you with extra rewards like additional bingo tickets or chat game based prizes.  So you can jump in a game expecting a normal night of bingo only to walk away with tons of extra rewards tucked in your pockets.

Bingo halls, on the other hand, can sometimes throw in bonus prizes but they’re usually limited to special nights or evening games.

The Promotions

The promotions are where these two genres really differ from one another. For example, online bingo games can give you the standard cash prizes as well as things like points to spend on the site you’re using, access to deposit bonuses or entries to prize draws to win rewards. You can also earn free bingo cards to other games that could be running that day.

Bingo halls, on the other hand, might do something like BOGOF deals on tickets, jackpot prize nights or the occasional holiday, but it’s rarely as extensive as the deals online bingo can come with.

Social Interactions Available

The social interaction is one of the most obvious differences between bingo sites and halls that you can encounter. For example, in a hall you can talk to anyone around you at the table, people that work there and even the caller themselves if they’re not on stage.

Bingo sites on the other hand are a far more lonely experience, sure you may be talking to other people in the room, but they’re just text on your screen and you will probably never meet them in the real world.

Pros and Cons

No matter what you decide to do you will find that there are pros and cons to each side. If you choose halls you will get to enjoy a fun social experience with other people, access to extra facilities like bars, as well as a range of unique prizes. However, you normally have to physically trek to a hall and you can only play bingo when the hall is open, so it’s a tad limited.

Online bingo, on the other hand, can be played whenever and however you like, so you have plenty of opportunities to get your bingo fix. The only downside is that it can be quite lonely sitting at a screen daubing cards yourself.

Case Studies

Of course, it’s very easy to list off the various examples without giving context to where we’re getting this information, that’s why we’ve come up with two case studies that show a clear cut difference between going to a bingo hall or visiting a bingo site.

Mecca Bingo:

There’s a big difference between the site and hall version of Mecca. Their bingo halls are huge and have this fun party atmosphere to them as you daub off cards with hundreds of other people in a room.

Their website, on the other hand, is a far more sterile experience as you play in rooms with people that you will probably never meet. On the plus side, with their site you can pick up a
£30 bingo bonus, a £10 slots bonus and £10 to use in a real club.

Gala Bingo:

Depending on where you go, you could either have a huge or rather small bingo hall to play in with Gala Bingo. It can be quite a cramp and busy atmosphere in their halls, but it’s always fun to be in their halls.

Their website is a lot quieter and you can also enter tons of competitions, try out fun side games and you can pick up £50 to play with when you deposit £10.

If you’re interested in playing bingo but you can’t decide between visiting a hall or using a website then try our little list to help you with your final decision.

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