New Virgin Bingo Site Launch

Trial New Virgin Site & Win!

If you head to the Virgin Games online bingo site in the next few days you’ll see a little yellow icon in the bottom right-hand corner that says, simply, New Site. Or of course you could click on the great big yellow bar at the top of the page, which I somehow missed the first time round! These are the first signs that change is afoot. Click on an icon and all will be revealed!!

Except it won’t, at least not to my untrained eye ;). It looks all quite similar to the ‘Classic Site’ (you must not call it old). But I must learn to keep my opinions to myself, especially when there’s a questionnaire to be filled in…

Win an iPad 2 just for filling in a form!

But be quick – only 4 days to go!!

Well of course there’s no guarantee you’ll win and one can’t help wonder whether they might filter out the bad new bingo site reviews from the responses to make sure the winner is someone who likes the new site :o. No I’m sure they wouldn’t do that, Virgin Bingo is as honest as the summer days are long!

Head to the bottom right of the Virgin bingo page and look for the Website Feedback Survey box. Click and you’ll be taken through to the SurveyMonkey site. The questions you’ll be asked are all about your experience at the Virgin gaming sites including one about the browser you use and others where you rate your experience. There are about 10 in total. Nothing too hectic :).

And by the time your done maybe like me you’ll have been forced to take a second look at the new Virgin online games and will see that things do look a little bit nicer, slightly less in-your-face RED and a little more tranquility everywhere. Maybe that’s the whole point of these kinds of bingo competition surveys – they help us see how hard our favourite brands are working to keep us happy!

“You’re such a pushover JJ!”

Am I the only one thinking that right now?!

GLE xxx

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