New Bingo Sites 2017

If you’re looking for new bingo sites then you’ll feel spoiled for choice this year, as we’ve seen a lot of new ones coming online, but these are our favourites:

Top New Bingo Sites

WTG Bingo

WTG Bingo welcomes you with a spin of their Mega Wheel that can land you up to 500 free spins! Way to go! more ›

T&C's apply.

Big Tease Bingo

Big Tease Bonus of 500% + 25 free Spins on Fluffy Too!

T&C's apply.

Lucky Admiral Casino

The Lucky Admiral will grant you 10 no deposit Free Spins! Then, Grab up to £600 + 60 free spins on Starburst!

T&C's apply.

Fever Bingo

Spin the wheel after your 1st deposit @ Fever Bingo and win up to 500 free bingo tickets OR free spins!

T&C's apply.

Top Dog Slots

Grab up to £600 + 60 free spins! This site will make you feel like the leader of the pack.

T&C's apply.

My Stars Bingo

Find your lucky stars here, with a stellar welcome bonus: spin the wheel for up to 500 free spins! more ›

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Lucky Cow Bingo

Join Lucky Cow Bingo today, deposit £10 & spin the wheel to grab up to 500 free spins on Fluffy Favourites (or on other fabulous slots)!

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Ready to pocket some winnings? Start out with £5 free on bingo - keep what you win!

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LuckyTouch Bingo

Spin the wheel & see if you have a touch of luck. Win up to 500 free spins!

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Is New Always Better?

New sites

In some ways, newer bingo sites have the edge. They are new to the market and are creating a hype.

Players can usually expect an astronomical welcome bonus from a fresh site. This is easily demonstrated by a quick visit to new bingo site sections on directories like ours. The reason for this? Quite simply, they need players more.

However, new sites are also uncharted territories. Unless part of a wider bingo network, players will not know what to expect from them.

Established Brands

Quite simply, established brands know the market. They’ve tried and tested many things. These sites know what works and what doesn’t. Also, an established brand will have built up a reputation, one that you can research to make a decision. The main drawback of playing at established sites is that some of them begin to get lazy. By lazy, we mean that they stop thinking of ways to draw players to the site.

Lately, we’ve been seeing newer bingo sites offering more (and larger) no deposit bonuses. These are in an effort to draw in new players and get them enjoying the site. While some established sites are adapting to offer these as well, many are refusing to budge and continue with the same promotions as always.

The innovation of new promotions is happening both on new and established sites. Their operators are thinking of more ways to reward players and also stand out. This includes new ways to play for free, new giveaway mechanics and an increased emphasis on social media.

Are Slots Taking Over the Online Bingo World?

You may have noticed that throughout last year, slot games crept into the bingo world more and more. There were a few knock on effects to this, including:

Slots and Games Bonuses Becoming More Prominent

Slot game players can rejoice as it looks like the promotional sections on new bingo sites 2017 will continue to diversify into slot game promotions. That meant more free spins and games bonuses, something which is sure to continue into the future.

  • Pros
    • Better catering to those that like slots and bingo
    • More interesting promotions
    • More free games
  • Cons
    • On some sites they replaced bingo offers
    • Not every player is interested in slots

Bingo Sites Launching Slot Sister Sites

Another trend that got its start last year were the slot sister sites. These branched off from already established sites, like Wink Bingo and Dove Bingo, and offered just slot games. As many players log into these sites purely for the slots, it makes sense they should have a separate site with bonuses geared to them.

  • Pros
    • New sites with new bonuses
    • More places to play with your favourite brands
  • Cons
    • The offerings are pretty similar to the bingo sites

More Variety and Prominence

Slot and Slingo games were once just a small part of a site but now many place them front and centre on the homepage. This has led to more slot games becoming available and a wider choice in developers.

  • Pros
    • Increased choice for players
    • Improved ways to find and play slots
    • New innovations in gameplay are more likely
  • Cons
    • Can lead to too much to choose from
    • Some players prefer to stick with tried and tested developers

What’s Hot?

If you want to know the hottest new trends that we’ll see in 2017 then check out our predictions below:

  • New Networks – We’re beginning to see more, smaller networks that own just a few bingo sites with their own special promotions. This is diversifying things a bit, so it’s not just one or two networks controlling online bingo.
  • The Latest Tech – Online bingo sites are on the cutting edge of technology at the moment. Whether that’s becoming compatible with wearable devices or finding the next new payment method, a la Neteller.
  • Mobile Sites are Back – For a while it seemed that mobile sites were on the way out, as users favoured apps. New mobile bingo sites are fighting back though, with better HTML5 tech that rivals the apps out there.
  • New Ways to Communicate – Aside from the usual live chat or phone options, some new bingo sites 2017 operators are coming up with new ways to get in touch. Facebook messaging and even WhatsApp are now being experimented with.

2017 means yet another year of online bingo, what more could you ask for? With all of the creative ideas surrounding the game, it’s sure to be an exciting one.

What’s Ahead in 2018?

As we move through the upcoming year, we’re likely to see yet more changes coming to our favourite sites. Here are some of the trends that we expect to see:

  • We think that networks like the Dragonfish Real Money site will continue to grow next year. This trend of more no wager bingo site is one we expect to see a lot of in 2018.
  • More games will be released next year, but they won’t always be what we expect. We’re going to see more creative games, including variants on slots and bingo.
  • More sites are getting on board with the social media bandwagon, which means we’ll see more of these offers in future too. We’ll also be likely to see more sites using this means of interaction too.
  • We’re also looking forward to new no deposit bingo sites coming out next year too. These help us to get fab value for money and will continue to be a mainstay in the bingo world.
  • New legislation will also come into full effect next year, which will change the way that sites operate. Generally, this will just mean that withdrawal limits, terms and advertising are a bit fairer for players.
  • Alongside this, new bingo sites 2018 will also have their share of new payment methods too. These will keep players safe and surely bring some new innovation to the table, with the likes of cryptocurrency becoming more popular too.
  • Slot games are much more popular these days, so watch out for new bingo sites with free spins as part of the welcome offer. This gives us the best of both worlds really, as you generally still get a bingo bonus to play with too.
  • Free bingo games are also becoming a lot more common this year, which will again continue through to 2018. This is seen by a lot of sites as a good way to beat the bonus tax.
  • Terms and conditions are also likely to change next year, as sites want to give more power to the player. This means better deposit and withdrawal restrictions, better access into your transaction history and more. This is will be a great change for players.
  • We’d also love to see some major tech developments next year, as we now have the capacity for the likes of virtual and augmented reality games. This would be a really cool innovation to see, as we’d have some cool new ways to get playing.
  • While we have our predictions, we’d also love to see things that really surprise us in the future. There’s simply so much going on in the realms of technology and bingo too, so they could both really surprise us in coming together more.