Microgaming Bingo

Microgaming is one of the very best online bingo software’s in the land! Though they are most known for their slot games and casino comes within the gaming industry, this award winning company have also powered loads of excellent bingo sites and they each have their very own bonuses, promotions and excellent games, not to mention you can even sample the awesome slots and instants that have made Microgaming so very famous!

A Rogue Network!

The Microgaming bingo network is actually a little bit different from other networks because they don’t tend to stick to the same look, format or games! Unlike the likes of Dragonfish that tend to use the exact same template and promotions with different skins, Microgaming bingo sites tend to follow 2 formats:

  • The Giggle, Back2School and True Blue Bingo Format

These sites – though sometimes they do often offer their own special promotions – tend to stick to the same format and you can tell straight away that this is a Microgaming site. They all look very similar with just the skin to differentiate them and each of them offer the likes of a 200% welcome bonus, free no deposit cash – £5 for Giggle Bingo and True Blue Bingo, £1 for Back2School Bingo – and they each offer the likes of Bingo Ball for Life. They all also split their months into 4 weeks and offer Nabors Week, Reverse Week, Full House Week and Share the Love Week.


  • The Butlers Bingo, Dream Bingo, 32 Red Bingo and Bingo Cams Sites

The second format that Microgaming sites use is actually completely different! Each of the above named sites look completely different and offer almost completely different promotions! The one thing that they do all have in common is that they offer free no deposit bingo again – but these sites are better known and so can afford to offer much bigger bonuses! From the fiver and tenner at Bingo Cams and 32 Red Bingo and Butlers Bingo respectively to the massive £15 offered at Dream Bingo, these sites differ hugely which is very unusual when it comes to networked sites. They also each have their own welcome bonuses, from 200% to a mega 300%. Again, their promotions are very different, with 32 Red Bingo offering mostly bonuses and the others offering massive jackpot prizes!

The Jackpots

Microgaming sites that follow the format of Butlers and Dream as well as Bingo on the Box offer terrific jackpots every month in their networked games. There’s the £1,500 Monthly Megapot and The Big £10K!

The Big Green Logo!

Because Microgaming sites do offer such different promotions, it is sometimes hard to tell whether or not a site actually is in this network. You can tell by looking for the green Microgaming logo at the bottom of a page. I personally think that the variation is what makes these sites so excellent!

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