Mecca Bingo Halls Get New Payment Technology

Mecca Bingo

Payment technology is already a major factor in the online bingo market, but now it appears that UK bingo halls are buying in to its importance. And that is because Mecca Bingo has unveiled a brand new payment system, called SafeCharge, across all of its UK premises. Attendees of Mecca Bingo halls will now benefit from secure payments and risk management.

The rationale behind the move was driven by Mecca Bingo’s parent company, Rank Group, who wanted to elevate the security of the financial transactions undertaken by its customers. This solution is to ensure that sensitive credit card data will not be at risk of credit card fraud.

This appears to be a very shrewd move for Mecca Bingo halls, as now they will no longer have to manage the storage and transmission of their customer’s financial data. As a result, Mecca Bingo will now be able to reduce costs without compromising on its level of service. In turn, Mecca might even be able to reinvest saved money in improving the overall experience for its members – well, that’s our hope!

Following the rollout of the new payment processing technology, Lesly Clifford of the Rank Group made the following statement: “we will be able to offer our customers an even higher level of protection against possible fraud”. David Avgi of SafeCharge added this statement or reassurance: “We have put every measure in place to ensure that Rank is satisfied”.

SafeCharge Rising Quickly

SafeCharge expanded quickly from 2007 until 2010, setting up a network with banks and alternative payment forms. Since then, an acquisition has been concluded and partnership agreements have been reached leading credit/debit card providers MasterCard and VISA. In 2014, a European E-Money Institution (EMI) license was granted. On those factors alone, it would appear that Mecca Bingo is now partnered with a quality payment services provider.

Evolution from Web Payments

Since the turn of the century, PayPal has been a familiar e-wallet that has been widely used by all types of consumer. With the rise of online bingo, a number of operators were quick to implement PayPal as a payment format for its players.

Similar to the rationale of Mecca Bingo choosing to work with SafeCharge, players were drawn to use PayPal because of the superior security compared to standard credit cards payments. Players could effectively shield their sensitive information from fraudsters and complete their transactions even quicker than ever.

Outside of PayPal there have been many other popular forms of e-wallets that let players connect their bank accounts or credit/debit cards to their e-wallets. Compared to all e-wallets, the most widely accepted among online bingo sites has got to be Neteller. To a lesser extent, Skrill is another popular option among UK players.

Reassurance is the ultimate benefit from Mecca Bingo’s partnership with SafeCharge. With a multitude of digital options for securing web-based payments, it was about time that Mecca came up with an innovative solution to cover its land-based interests. Hopefully players will also benefit from Mecca’s ability to also cut costs.

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