Go Green This Christmas By Making your own Decorations

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year that is jam packed with fun festivities and joyful celebrations. Most people spend the months before it shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations, preparing the necessities and wrapping gifts for their loved ones. The mass market encourages shoppers to ‘shop till they drop’ and retailers create very smart marketing techniques to draw the crowds in.

Unfortunately, many retailers give very little thought to greener ways of packaging and selling readymade products and gifts. This results in tons of plastics and packaging that is not recyclable and for this very reason; Christmas is a time of year that sees massive waste on so many different levels. Why not help reduce the amount of waste this Christmas by taking a more greener approach to celebrating? Making your own Christmas decorations is one sure fire way of helping the environment that we live in, and you may even encourage and inspire others to do the same.

The following are two all-time favourite Christmas decorations that you can make from the comfort of your own home.

Christmas Wreath

For this, you’ll need some wire (an old coat hanger will suffice), pieces of red ribbon, fresh greenery (pine, ferns, redwood etc.), duct tape and floral tape.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary bits, you can start by bending the wire into the shape of a circle and attaching the ends together using some strong duct tape. You must then cover the wire in the floral tape. The next step is to cut several 8” to 10” long branches of greenery and secure the branches to the base of the wreath. Don’t forget to overlap the stems and keep adding more and more branches until the base of the wreath is fully covered. You can then add a touch of beauty by tying the ribbon in to a bow and adding it to your creation. If you’re feeling very creative, adding glitter, fresh flowers and leaves will make it look all the more festive.



A Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without lots and lots of bright and sparkly baubles, right?

You can make your own by gathering the following materials: some colourful paper or card, a glass, a pencil, some scissors, craft wire (or a stapler) and some glue. Start by using the glass and the pencil to draw 12 circles onto your colourful paper. Then take your scissors and cut them out. Once you’ve done this, stack the circles on top of each other and fold them in half. Proceed by wrapping a length of the wire all the way around the stack so that it runs along the fold and twist the end together to secure. Stick a dot of glue onto the first circle about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. Move onto the next circle and stick a small dot of glue about 1/3 of the way from the top. Continue the whole way around, and make sure to alternate between high and low glue dots.

Stick all of the adjacent flaps together and voilà; you have a beautiful bauble for your Christmas tree. Here’s what your finished piece should look like.

Making your own decorations can save you heaps of money while reducing your carbon footprint and giving you a fun craft activity to try out at home. I’m sure these two handmade Christmas decorations are something that the whole family will enjoy making.

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