Launch of New Bingo Sites Hits Two-Year Low

You know how we at Jackpot Jane love to bring you oodles of brand new bingo sites, but you may have noticed that there have not been very many on offer recently.  We are not being lazy, folks – it is simply because there have been barely any new bingo sites to speak of!  In fact, the amount of new bingo sites launched in October  is significantly lower than the amount of sites that were launched at the same time a few years ago!  Boo!  This is not something that we want to see, is it, huns?

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Popular Times for New Bingo Sites

The past year was the most popular time to launch a brand new site, as the figures hit a whopping 4.5.  Since then, that figure has dropped to an average of just under 3 – no good!  This is the lowest level since Jackpot Jane started recording data!

Autumn Wonders!

October is usually the most popular time of year for online bingo operators to launch their new sites and we traditionally see a massive 50% more sites being launched than Summertime.   According to the statistics that Jackpot Jane tirelessly put together for you (don’t say we are not good to you!) last October has seen only 3 bingo sites launched and there was a very low level of sites being launched during the summer, too.  

Summer Slump

In fact, there was actually only 6 new bingo sites launched between the months of May and August and our data shows that there has been a distinct decline in the average amount of sites being launched since the beginning of the year.

What is Happening, Folks?

Our data shows that September to December are usually the most popular times to launch new releases, does Cheers Bingo ring a bell? So this could simply be a case of bingo operators waiting until the colder months to launch their sites, knowing that we are more likely to stay cosy indoors and play bingo.  However, we at Jackpot Jane believe that this slump could well be due to the fact that so many operators are now launching mobile bingo apps.  It is no mean feat to launch a mobile bingo platform, and perhaps it is taking operators more time to develop their pages to include mobile gaming.  Playing online games on your mobile phone is one of the biggest draws for bingo fans and sites know that if they do not offer mobile gaming, they are likely to be left behind in the future.

Feeling geeky? Check out my statistics for yourself!!

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