Live Bingo Network

Perhaps one of the most successful gambling brands, the Live Bingo Network was launched by Cozy Games and saw unrivalled success in the industry. With a player base that exceeds 1.3 million and a daily hit quota that often tops 25,000, the Live Network is one of the biggest success stories in the gambling industry.

What makes this network so successful is the fact that it sports some of the most iconic online casino brands in the industry. Amongst their ranks are sites like Landmark Bingo, Comfy Bingo and even Lucky Touch Bingo.

The sites on the Live Bingo network UK end tend to have the same games and bonuses available, the majority of the sites on this network contain no-deposits bonus that usually go up to £15 in size.

These work as a great incentive to get players to join, to keep their new players coming back the Live Bingo network sites also give out a deposit bonus to their users. The deposit bonus can vary from site to site but a lot of them tend to stick to a rather generous 900% bonus that’s stretched out across first three deposits.

Broken down this bonus usually works out as 350% on your first deposit, 250% on your second and 300% on your third.

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Also a new feature the sites on the Live Network have started using is a rather unique free spin system that rewards players with free spins to use.

To claim a random set of free spins players just have to play in the ‘Free Bet’ games that the majority of sites on the Live Network offer. These free spins can then be used in other slot games to unlock bonuses and win bonus cash that they can then spend on more games.

Games on the Network

Throughout the network is a ton of great games to try, they all tend to follow the same pattern but they’re all equally entertaining.

Some of the games available range from 90, 80 and 75 ball games of Bingo; these are held in various rooms around the clock.

But if Bingo isn’t your thing then there’s also some superb slot games like Wizards Castle, Dragon Fire and even Queen of Legends to name just a few of their slot selection. Also as an added extra some of the brands on the Live Bingo Network provide players with some fun side games like scratch cards or classic table games like Roulette or Blackjack.

Examples of the Networks Brands

Because of how big the Network has become we’ve decided that rather than go through every single site on the Live Network, we’ve just selected a few of what we consider to be the best ones to try out.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

At Lucky Touch you’ll be able to immerse yourself in everything that’s lucky whilst getting your hands on that huge 1150% bonus to really maximise the cash you put into your account.

Aunty Acid:

At Aunty Acid you’ll be able to claim that huge 900% bonus plus every time you deposit and play a slot or Bingo game you’ll be able to claim a brilliant 20% bonus back on your weekly deposits.

Smooth Bingo:

When you join Smooth Bingo you’ll be able to claim £15 free as part of their no-deposit bonus plus that huge 900% bonus to really get some extra mileage out of your money.

So the next time you’re looking for a fun site to try out why not check out one of the 40 fun sites that are available on the Bingo Live Network.

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