JJ Guide to Bingo Jackpots

If you’re like me, then you love to find the latest bingo jackpots and win some serious cash on them. These come in all shapes and forms, I’m here to tell you all about them.

Where to Find the Best Jackpot Promos

Before we get right into the nitty gritty, we’ll look at where to play for the best jackpots:

Big Tease Bingo – Enjoy rounds of fab bingo jackpots when you play here, you can even experience their bingo for three days for free as a newbie.

WTG Bingo – Spin the wheel and test your luck, you might just win up to 500 free spins when you do.

Lucky Cow Bingo – If you feel lucky then there’s no better place to play, this site will have you taking part in a whole load of jackpot games.

Bingo Diamond – For those that really want to sparkle, you can’t go wrong playing here. There are treats galore for savvy players.

As with all of the offers here, read the terms and conditions before you claim.

Types of Jackpot Promos

Familiarise yourself with the different types of jackpot promotions right here, before you get down to playing:

All or Nothing

You can find this kind of jackpot over at Lucky Cow Bingo. Basically, one player will take the entire prize pool and the rest will leave with nothing. This is a high stakes game, as you could win a bigger jackpot as a result or you could miss out entirely. We like these games because there’s a lot of excitement involved, especially if you manage to snag the prize.


You may have seen this kind of jackpot over at Big Tease Bingo, as their Tinsel Town game is a great example. This kind of jackpot starts at a set amount and then reduces with each call that’s made. The faster the jackpot is won, the higher the amount will be. There’s usually a maximum and minimum specified in each game.


If you like the chance to win a lot of money in one go, then progressive jackpots are for you! The jackpot grows as more tickets are sold, which is perfect for the cash prize hunters. These can be found in droves at Bingo Diamond, they have The Big One to look forward to on a regular basis.


In games like this, there’s a guaranteed prize and one player must win it. They have a set amount, so it won’t move around like a progressive or sliding jackpot would. If you want to play with this kind of jackpot, then you can try out the Encore on Big Tease Bingo or TGIF on Bingo Diamond.

These are pretty standard games, so you can find them on many bingo sites, just take a look around for games with fixed jackpots to play.


Some jackpot games are exclusive to those with VIP status on a site. These exclusive games can have bigger jackpots and as there are less players in the room, you have a higher chance of being a winner. They can be really interesting, especially if the jackpot rises with your VIP status.

They can feature other kinds of jackpot in there too, for instance you may find that some sites have sliding VIP jackpots to double up the fun. Check out WTG Bingo if you fancy taking a crack at one of these jackpot games.


New players can also get their hands on some jackpots, as there are jackpot rooms just for them. The main thing to remember is that you’ve probably only got a set period of time to play in these rooms, as they are intended just for the newbies out there. The jackpots vary a lot from site to site, some will offer you a few loyalty points and others will help you out with much larger prize pools.

It’s all to play for in these rooms and they can be a brilliant introduction to a new site. Just head to WTG Bingo if you’d like to experience a newbie room that we really enjoy.

Penny Games with Jackpots

Penny games don’t always mean you’re playing for small jackpot amounts, as you can find some cool jackpot games on a budget. WTG Bingo features the Weekend Wad and Lucky Cow Bingo will even let you play in jackpot games for free. If you’re a frugal player then these are the games that you’ll most want to be a part of for sure.

That’s my rundown on the most common jackpot games, though bingo sites are always coming up with new versions and twists on the classic formula. No matter what jackpot games you find yourself competing in, I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’re a winner. Check back here for updated and new information on these games.

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