Highest Payout Slots

If you want to win big on slot games then there are a plethora of games for you to play on. Within these games there are statistics that you can use to find the best payout slots on the market. Join us in this guide for an overview on these stats and how to use them to your advantage.

Where to Play Slots with Highest RTP

Playing on these sites will show you the best online slots to win money:

Top Dog Slots

This site comes from Jumpman Gaming and they have hundreds of high paying slots in their lobby. Claim 100% and 20 free spins on your first deposit!

T&C's apply.

Big Tease Bingo

Make a splash on this bingo site by popping over to their slots lobby. Grab three days of free bingo and 25 free spins to start with.

T&C's apply.

Be sure to check out the T&Cs of all offers before you get started, you’ll find these on site.

What is RTP?

Before we get right down to games with a high RTPs, we’d better explain what this number means! RTP stands for return to player, as in the return you can expect from your investment. This is a percentage that you will see on any game.

To put this theory into practice, let’s think of this percentage as the number of times you play the game. If you played 100 games, placing a wager of 1p on each, you could hope to come out with 97p at the end.

You might think there’s no point in playing a game then, if you’ll leave with less than you started with but remember this is an average. Some players will leave with more and others with less, it’s just down to luck.

Where can you find the RTP?

To find this percentage, you need to go into the game itself. The percentage will be displayed on the paytable or in the info pages. You can also usually find the RTP of a site on the whole, this can be found in the T&Cs.

Guaranteed to Win?

Even the best RTP slots can’t guarantee that you’ll win unfortunately. If you pick slots that do have a high RTP then you’ll be more likely to win but even loose slots can’t promise a profit.

A high RTP would be anything in the 90s, anything under that is considered a bit lower. Table games usually have the highest RTPs in a casino, though slot games can come pretty close. Games with lower RTPs usually give you something else as a trade, for instance progressive jackpot games pay out less frequently but the jackpots are larger.

Best Games to Win

If you’re looking for the best playing slot games then we’d suggest you play the following ones:

Bloodsuckers Slot

Don’t be afraid of this vampire themed slot game, it’s a whole lot of fun! With an RTP of 98% you can stake your cash on this game knowing that it’s one of the most rewarding out there. Play it at Wink Bingo and experience all the fun for yourself!

Jackpot 6000

This game is awesome, it’s retro and it has a great RTP, what more could you ask for? If you play this game in the super mode then the RTP goes up to a whopping 98.9%. Check it out at Top Dog Slots and take your place in their virtual casino cabinet.

Monopoly Big Event

This board game inspired slot is available to play over at Big Tease Bingo. There are loads of bonus features within this game that help it to reach a cool RTP of 96%. Plus there are no awkward family fights to watch out for, unlike the board game.

Tips to Win

To keep you on the winning streak, you can use these tips while you select slots:

  • Don’t play if you’re not sure of the RTP
  • The progressive version of a game will have a lower RTP
  • Older games usually have a higher RTP than newer ones
  • Some games have different modes or betting structures that affect the RTP
  • Bear in mind T&Cs and wagering requirements if you’re playing with bonus funds

Just bear these in mind and you’ll be able to play in style! As long as you pay attention to these factors then you should be able to greatly improve your average return from slot games.

Final Thoughts

Slot games can be really rewarding, though not all are created equal. Just taking the time to look into the paytable of a game and understanding these stats will help you out immensely. Remember, these games are intended to be fun too, so don’t get too wrapped up in the numbers!

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