Go Bananas Scratch Card

go bananas

Go on the hunt deep in the jungle with the Go Bananas scratch card and don’t worry about the eyes peering at you from the bushes because it’s only a cheeky monkey!

Whether you spend 25p, 50p or £1 on each scratch card you’re guaranteed a thrilling time here! It’s similar to a normal scratch card so it’s pretty straightforward to play. There are 5 lines on each card with 3 symbols hidden beneath the scratch panel on each line. All you have to do is click on the panels to reveal your symbols and if you have 3 matching symbols on the same line you’ll scoop up the Go Bananas jackpot which can be anything up to £400. With the five lines on each card and only six possible symbols winning couldn’t be any easier!

You can find this scratch card at top sites such as Spice Bingo.

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