How to Get the Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Living in London, the pressure to find the perfect summer wardrobe is huge. From the hipster vibes in Shoreditch to the designer style on the Kings Road in Chelsea, there are stylish people everywhere.

On the one hand this means there is a huge amount of pressure to look good, but I try to look at the positives in every situation. So try looking at it like this: firstly, there are loads of people to take inspiration from; with a city this big you’ll be inspired around every corner. Secondly, no matter what your style, there will always be a part of London where you’ll fit in like everyone else. Unless, of course, fitting in isn’t your style and then London is the perfect place to try your slightly more daring outfits and I promise you there will always be someone more outrageous than you. Trust me, I’ve seen those people in bright pink tutus on the rush hour Northern line!

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Anyway, moving away from the Northern line, let’s get onto that perfect summer wardrobe. There are some obvious basics that everyone needs. A floaty maxi dress, some denim shorts, sandals and maybe some nice new sunglasses. I fancy treating myself to a pair of expensive sunglasses. The ones I have at the moment are from a Spanish market and are definitely on their last legs but at two euros I’m not surprised!


Besides the basics, then there is the trend-led pieces. I think style and fashion should ultimately be fun and make you feel good so I don’t always follow trends as sometimes they simply don’t suit me. Remember those Ekat jumpsuits that were huge with celebrities? No way would you ever see me in one of those!

Double Denim

However, with that in mind, I am loving one trend this summer. Denim. Now denim has been a huge part of the fashion industry for decades from James Bond to Kate Moss. But this season it’s double denim that everyone is talking about. This can seem a little intimidating as when I was younger I was told it was the ultimate faux pas. If you’re a little daunted to try it out then a white denim shirt with blue denim flares (a subtle nod to the 70s trend) can make the double denim look less obvious, so you can give it a try without truly committing. This double denim look is perfect for a weekend out shopping with your friends or going to a more relaxed dinner. It’s comfortable and practical while still being on trend.

What trends are you loving? Will you be investing in the denim trend or sticking with your tried and tested basics?

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