Dundee Hotel Could Offer Bingo Entertainment

Positioned on the east coast of Scotland, Dundee is a city positioned south of Aberdeen, which is known for being the “Oil Capital of the UK”. Being within 70 miles of Aberdeen, it is inevitable that Dundee receives economic benefits from local tourism. And key to tourism success, of course, is the presence of quality hotels.

One such hotel is Malmaison, which is part of UK-wide chain of luxury hotels. In keeping with the rest of the chain, the Dundee Malmaison is on power with the lavish style of the others. Now, the reason why we are discussing the hotel is because it has applied for a gaming license as a means of providing its patrons with new forms of entertainment.

Not Changing to a Bingo Hall

As reported by the local Dundee media, a nearby church asked for more information on the nature of the gaming license, to which the hotel good-naturedly replied that it would be transforming into a bingo hall. The pursuit of a gaming license is merely to add a new dimension of entertainment. A spokesman for Malmaison had the following to say about their application: “The application is just a few adjustments to our current licences.”

In these instances, it is inevitable that some local business and organisations will ask for more information or even block the aspirations of others – that is the way the world works. In this instance, though, it seems that Malmaison Dundee is making a strategic decision that is in line with the potential future of bingo and gambling.

Gambling in New Venues

At present, the UK Gambling Commission is embroiled in a tribunal appeal where brewer Greene King is attempting to reverse a refusal decision in which it was denied an operating license for bingo. Owner of some 1,000 pubs throughout the UK, Greene King had wanted to introduce a new form of entertainment for punters – much like Malmaison.

This appears to be an exciting new direction for bingo and other types of land-based gambling. In recent years, venues hosting those activities have struggled to stay in business because of their specialised nature. Therefore, it would be logical for the Gambling Commission to realise this, or risk more venues closing and the general public losing access to the games they love.

In the case of Malmaison, the hotel wants to have the freedom to arrange special gambling evenings as forms of entertainment. While these will primarily take the form of casino events, there is an outside chance that bingo could feature if the hotel receives a specific booking. Quite frankly, that sounds like a very entertaining evening, being able to play your favourite games in five-star luxury.

After clarifying the nature of the license to the local church, all complaints were resolved. Now it would appear that Malmaison is free to pursue its new endeavour, but that won’t be until they actually receive the license. Green King, on the other hand, will have to wait for the result of its tribunal.

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