Creative Ideas for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Recycling anything is good for the environment, whether it is plastic bottles, plastic bags or tin cans. Have you ever thought about what you can actually make with your used plastic bottles? Instead of dumping them, think outside of the box and be more resourceful by recycling them in a fun and valuable way. Need some examples?

The following is a range of different creative ideas when it comes to recycling plastic bottles.

A Pencil Holder

Is your desk cluttered with pens, paper clips and other various office or school materials? You need to get yourself, or rather make yourself, a pencil holder! Take a clean empty plastic bottle and use a scissors to cut it to your preferred height. Take a little time to smooth out any areas that may be sharp.

You can then paint it your favourite colour or decorate it in whatever way you like. And voilà – you now have somewhere new to store all of those stationary items that were cluttering up your desk.

Flower Pot

Need more planting space in your garden? Your used plastic bottles are here to save the day once again. As with the activity that is outlined above, the first step in this creation is cutting the top of the bottle using a scissors. You can then paint or decorate it in whatever way you prefer to do so. It’s a nice idea to stick to the ‘garden’ theme by painting the container an appropriate colour and adding some insects or small animals on there too.

Once the paint has dried and you’re satisfied with the design, all that’s left to do is fill it with soil and get planting!

A Candle Holder

With a little creativity and effort, a plastic bottle can be transformed into a beautiful candleholder that will look good in almost any room in the house. As well as needing an empty plastic bottle, you’ll also require a candlestick, sand or some pretty stones, a scissors, some small embellishments, glue and a small piece of old ribbon.

Carefully using the scissors, you must cut the top off the plastic bottle and leave it aside. Continue by filling the container with sand or some pretty stones and nestle the candlestick in the middle. Finish the look by tying the ribbon around the circumference of the bottle and sticking your chosen embellishments to your creation using the glue.

Repeat this process numerous times and you’ll end up with an extremely attractive display. Varying the sizes and heights of the bottles you use will make it all the more appealing.

As well as the three great ideas described above, you can also recycle your plastic bottles by using them to make a bird feeder, a jewellery holder or a water container for your pet dog or cat…the list is truly endless! So think twice the next time you’re about to throw a plastic bottle in the bin as you could use it to create a useful item for your home or garden.

Do you have a garden? Do you love using recyclable materials? Check this out!

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