How to Create a Perfect Bingo Night

If you are a fan of bingo then you will most likely have caught wind of the latest craze that seems to be sweeping the nation: bingo parties! This was actually brought to our attention when we read that Hollywood starlet Catherine Zeta Jones holds bingo parties, so we decided to take a leaf out of Catherine’s book and take a look at how to create the perfect bingo night.

YOUR Bingo Night

The great thing about this is that you are in charge of everything – you choose the music and the food and you are in charge of the bingo games on offer. We recommend that you hit the internet and simply print off your own bingo tickets – search for them on Google for tonnes of variation. You can decide if you fancy playing 90 ball games, 75 ball games or even the fast-packed, action-packed 30 ball bingo offerings. We do recommend that you laminate the bingo tickets that you print out if you can – trust us, from experience we know the damage that an over-excited bingo fan can do to a piece of paper! You get to choose the prize and you get to bask in all the glory that your fun-filled bingo night will create!

Perfect Food

This is another reason that bingo parties are becoming so popular – it is just another excuse to have some good food and drink! Cocktails are always good for nights like this – you can mix up multi-coloured drinks to reflect the multi-coloured bingo balls! Another great treat to have on offer – as nibbles – are things like M&M’s and Skittles! These tasty little table-top nibbles also look like little bingo balls, which will reinforce the theme of the party. Of course you have to have real food on the go – why not stick with the bingo theme and offer round food? Mini pizza’s, mini quiche and even little burgers are all great and could look like little bingo balls!

Perfect Music

This is where you can really have fun! You have to choose something upbeat and fun – no one wants to sit down to a session of fun packed bingo with Mumford & Sons droning in the background. Stick to chart tunes to fit the company you have – classics like ABBA for the older generation and funky LMFAO for the younger bingo fans.

TV Bingo

Another craze that seems to be sweeping the nation is TV bingo. This is not playing bingo on your TV – unfortunately – this is the cool new trend of printing off bingo tickets and playing whilst you are watching TV, which would make for another great bingo party with a twist. The great thing is that you can choose your own movies or TV shows to fill out your bingo cards. You can make your own cards extremely easily, even just using a Word document. Just create a table and you can fill it as you please, with sizes differing depending on the content. Choose your movie and fill the bingo ticket with events that you know will happen, for example, if you chose Lord of the Rings you can fill the boxes with things like:

“Gandalf smokes his pipe”

“Frodo wears the ring”

And so on. This one would be perfect for movie buffs, or you could do both: have a music bingo night and a movie bingo night!

A bingo party is a fantastic way to get together with your friends to enjoy a silly and fun evening. And the best part is that you don’t have to leave your home – if you’re the host, of course.

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