Celebrate NY with Wink

It’s hard to imagine a bigger, but at the same time small ;), prize as the one on offer at WinkBingo.com this New Year.

WinkBingo Maximum-Prize Mini!

Top Win-a-Mini Tip
Forget about earning free tickets – fork out the five pound ticket price and save £££ in the long run. Head to the Wink lobby and look for Specials to buy.

You can imagine the scene now, while the new bingo sites 2012 brings into being are struggling to muster up a £15 jackpot for a 10p ticket, over at Wink things will be just altogether, err, huger :D.

This is the fourth year in a row that Wink has mustered up a Mini to celebrate the New Year so that tells you a lot about how popular this game is likely to be I reckon. And at £5 a ticket suddenly those 10p games at new bingo sites are starting to sound quite nice ;).

But all is not lost!

Play Free Bingo Win Big Non-Cash Prize!

Let’s get one thing straight before we start here – this game is only free in the strictest, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” sense. By which I mean expect to give a bit to get your freebie…

… so it’s not quite the same as a nice big free bingo bonus, but…

This is another of those Wink specials where by completing certain actions you can earn points that Wink will convert into free bingo tickets. For this promo you will receive:

  1. 100 points for sending a picture to Wink of your knackered old car (so that they will feel sorry for you I suppose ;))
  2. 50 points for thinking of a reason why you should win the Mini and sharing it on Wink Fb wall
  3. 1 point for every fiver you spend on Wink’s bingo games

What this boils down to is that you’re going to need to cobble together 350 points by 1st Jan 2012, equivalent to spending £350 on bingo, or about £50 per week. Maybe that £5 ticket is starting to sound like good value now?!

On the other hand, if you love playing bingo and regularly spend that much anyway it would be hard to find a better site at which to do so – how many others give you free tickets for such a massive non-cash prize bingo game?

The BIGGEST Non-Cash Prize in Bingoland?

So what do you win? Well looked at one way it’s just a small car. But looked at another it’s a small piece of UK history, an icon of British fashion-meets-automotive-funtimes :). Here are the details:

  • The car: a brand new Mini with all the bells and whistles. And a manual gearbox to maximise the fun driving fabness 😀
  • The extras: five years of servicing + one year’s road tax

And you can choose the colour too! (Apparently Deborah12 chose a red Mini last year, and didn’t give it a name.)

This huge game plays on 1st January 2012 at 8pm. Note that you only have until 19 Dec 2011 to earn your points if you decide to go for the big freebie marathon!


JJ xx

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