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Finding Your Inner Genius

Creativity begins with a leap of faith and the courage to take a risk. Be bold and step out of your comfort zone and you will find your inner genius. You are all born creative artists. Everyone embodies a unique more ›

The Dummies’ Guide to Not Letting Emails Take Over Your Life

I probably owe you a little honesty here before we begin… My relationship with email was always a bit on the “hate” side. I mean, even though email has been a crucially important tool for my career, I’ve spent most more ›

The 3 Essential Secrets to Living off your Passion

Recently, I came across a dumbfounding statistic – only 19% of employees in the US and Canada are satisfied with their jobs! Can you believe that? That means that eight out of ten employed adults are spending 40 plus hours more ›

How To Improve Your Diet While Remaining Kind To Yourself

Diet is an interesting topic as far as personal growth is concerned. What you eat can help you gain or lose weight, but it can also affect your energy levels and mental clarity, help prevent or even cure diseases, slow more ›

A Bucket List for a Well-Rounded Life

I’m sure we’d all love to swim with dolphins and see the Pyramids. Ride a hot-air balloon, and feel anti-gravity. But one important idea missing from the whole Bucket List process is how to live your Normal Life. You know, more ›