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Council Set to Boost Standards, Safety

The gambling industry is about to undergo a huge shakeup. By autumn 2019, the Association of British Bookmakers and the Remote Gambling Association should be no more. In their place will be the Betting and Gaming Council.

According to recent reports, we should expect the new Council to hold industry operators to the highest standards. While some players and participants may have fallen foul of certain operators in the past, it is hoped this will no longer be the case when the new body is active.

Who will lead the new Betting and Gaming Council?

Brigid Simmonds OBE is set to be the chair of the new body. She has extensive experience in several chairperson roles that should make her well suited to this new role.

Who is Brigid Simmonds?

Recent news reports have confirmed she is stepping down from her post as chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association. She has been in the post for the last 10 years.

She has also served on the boards of Sport England, the Tourism Alliance, and the Sport England Lottery Panel. She also has experience as a trustee for GambleAware, so she has previous knowledge of this part of the industry. She now has the chance to further her exploration of this area.

What are the advantages of setting up a Betting and Gaming Council?

Combining the roles of the two current bodies is challenging. However, there are advantages in doing so:

  • Greater social responsibility – most people are aware gambling is risky. There is more chance to lose money than to win some. Improving the responsibility of gambling operators should improve others’ view of the industry.
  • Better public image – some view gambling as a suspicious area. The BGC looks to make this more positive by holding members to account and to high standards of service.
  • Better customer safety – no one wants to win cash from an online casino only to find they cannot access it. They also want to be sure their funds and information are safe.
  • Better operational standards – being a member of the Council means upholding a code of conduct that has been specifically created for the Council. This should raise standards across the industry.

Will it be compulsory to join the Council?

It doesn’t appear so, but it is clear any operator without membership would be viewed as suspect. A gambling operator should be in possession of a UK licence to be considered. It’s easy to assume most operators would want membership as it would help them promote a safe and responsible service to their players and would-be players.

Once news of the Betting and Gaming Council becomes more widespread and the Council is up and running, we expect many popular sites will promote their membership of it. It would seem foolhardy not to.

Players should also become aware of its creation and of the importance of their casino’s membership of the Council. If you find your preferred sites are not members, you may wish to consider playing elsewhere.

Real Money Gambling Apps on Google Play!

It has been a long time since we’ve seen real money gambling apps on the Google Play store as until very recently they have been banned. Now, Google have decided to allow these in a number of regions, which has led to many players flocking to downloading these software packages.

New Games on Offer

Real money apps from a variety of operators have now been added into the Google Play store. This means that we’ll see a lot of bingo and casino brands popping up in among our favourite apps. You may be accustomed to popping onto this destination to play Candy Crush or social games, but now we can download real money ones too.

While it was possible to download apps prior to this change, it was a bit more hassle and also less secure. It was up to users to take the risk of downloading additional software packages from outside sources and then install them on their device for themselves.

This new change makes it easier and safer for players to access these apps, as they know they’re coming from a trusted source. This is great for those that maybe don’t feel comfortable downloading real money apps for Android without knowing where they come from.

Regions Affected

So far, this change has only taken place in the UK, France and also in Ireland. This is fantastic news for UK bingo players, as we’d hazard a guess that sites will put more effort into making apps now that they are easier to distribute. As there’s already a ready audience on the store, they’ll find that they have a much higher download rate than they’re accustomed to.

This is fab, as we’ll likely see more sites choosing to make the investment in bingo and Android casino apps in future. Frankly, we and a lot of other players just feel more comfortable getting them from a source we’re accustomed to.

As we go on, this change should roll out across the world as it should be a global policy before long. This won’t include countries in which online gambling has not been legalised however, as this would go against the overall user terms and conditions.

What’s Next for Mobile Bingo?

Thanks to the addition of these apps to the store, we can predict a lot of new innovations. As these apps are becoming more mainstream games, we may see the tech that we use to access them change. This could mean we’re looking out for augmented or virtual reality games in future, as this might just give the industry the kick it needs to get in on the latest tech.

This is a great innovation for the industry so far and it will create a fair stir for these brands. This will be sure to give us lots of new opportunities to play. We’ll be keeping an eye on the app store to watch out for new brands cropping up here soon. Mobile bingo here we come!

Resolver: Free Guided Complaints Tool for UK Bingo Players

Most of our readers enjoy playing online bingo games and thanks to the sophistication of modern bingo sites, there is always support available on a site should you require it. However, disputes can occur between players and bingo networks which is why the UK Gambling Commission is about to release a new tool which could help you get the support that you require should something untoward happen while you play the game.

The New Online Support Tool

The new tool is known as Resolver and it is an online support platform to help consumers submit a complaint that relates to gambling. The tool itself is free for consumers and will provide information about an issue that a consumer may want to complain about while also providing support to help you write an email or letter.

While this sounds promising, it’s important to note that Resolver will not act on the consumer’s behalf but it does help you make the best complaint possible in a structured and meaningful way. It also offers a platform for making informed choices on what actions to take, which is helpful to navigate the process.

Providing a Framework

The tool is not only aimed at providing online customer support but also to help businesses deal with a complaint in a more efficient and satisfactory manner. This can help manage customer expectations about a particular issue and also set the benchmark for a company on how best to proceed should the same issue arise again. Resolver can further help consumers store all their case info in a single location and it also provides an email platform as well.

This basically means that the customer’s complaint will be will be sent from a specialised email address just as it would from say Outlook or Gmail. Resolver remains entirely independent to the Gambling Commission but has liaised with the organisation to help build the case information that will be required.

A Fresh Way to Have Issues Resolved

The complaints process can be confusing for lots of consumers but Resolver will help some of our bingo players should they require it. The key for many of our bingo players who play on several bingo sites is to understand your rights whilst preparing an email or letter. The tool will also explain when it is best to escalate an issue and provide information on who you should be aiming to speak to in order to resolve a complaint.

Should you make a complaint against a bingo site, Resolver will not take control of the case but instead provide a channel that offers support, guidance and key information. A bingo site resolving your issue promptly is good for business, good for Resolver and of course, good for the consumer! The resource is free to use as well which is fantastic and we can really see it being a success.

Encouraging Engagement

The tool is designed to encourage engagement and open dialogue between a consumer and a gambling company. We can see it being a hit with some of our bingo players due to the fact that it speeds up the complains process. By helping the customer record and prepare communications, it can help to hold a bingo brand to account should it fall under the standards that are expected in the UK.

There is the argument that Resolver will actually cause more complaints due to making the process more accessible and easy to understand. However, it can also help bingo players understand their rights on a site and can actually reduce some complaints as well. Overall, we feel that the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Got a Complaint?

The tool has been live since the start of August and has already helped a lot of consumers resolve some issues with their respective online gambling platforms. If you want some more information then you can head over to the website where there is a list of useful FAQs.

Sometimes we all have to make a complaint about something even if we don’t really want to. Resolver will help you make sure that you give your best possible chance of having your complaint upheld. Check it out if you need any help with your gambling experience.

Huge Win at Glossy Bingo

One roomie on Glossy Bingo has scooped a massive jackpot and we’re bringing you all the details. Get ready to imagine what you’d do with your share of this cash, we’re already planning the holiday we’d be taking.

The Big Winner

This lucky winner is named Mandy Bowman and she’s a farmer’s wife from Moray. You might not think a farmer’s life is glamourous but this lady will be sure to be treating herself after this bingo win.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – just how much did she win? This player took on the Major Millions slot and walked away with a massive £1.2 million jackpot! We’d be spending that on shoes, holidays, cars and more.

Mandy is a lover of horses and she’s decided to use the cash to create her very own livery. She’ll also be using the cash from her slots win to upgrade the farm to have it working better than ever. The couple married two years ago but haven’t had the time to take a honeymoon yet, so they’ll be putting the cash towards that too.

Major Millions

The progressive slot responsible for this mega win comes to players from Microgaming. The jackpot is networked over a number of sites and just continues to rise until one player bags it. As you would expect from the title, it has a military theme and the jackpot can reach millions.

Now that it’s been won, the jackpot will reduce back down to the minimum though it won’t last long. After every big win of this magnitude, the popularity of a slot tends to skyrocket meaning more wagers and a much faster jackpot accumulation.

Other Progressive Games at Glossy Bingo

Glossy Bingo are purveyors of some of the finest progressive jackpot games, with bingo and slots included. Players on a budget can access their progressive jackpot bingo rooms from just 5p a ticket, which is great value for money.

If you want to spend a little more then their Beverley Hills jackpot room costs 10p a ticket, with a portion of each wager added into the jackpot for the game. Finally, the Big One PJP game takes place each day and contributors come from all Broadway Gaming sites, meaning that jackpot can rise so much quicker.

They also have a selection of progressive slot games, like:

  • Mega Moolah – The safari themed slot that holds the record for biggest online jackpot.
  • King Cashalot – A right royal jackpot game that could place you in the lap of luxury.
  • Treasure Nile – Cruise down the River Nile as you go fishing for millions with this slot game.

They use the Microgaming catalogue of progressive jackpot slots at Glossy Bingo, so you can rest assured that these are high quality. These games are varied in price, jackpot and theme so you can hop from one to another without getting bored.

What are you waiting for? Play on any one of these games for your chance to become the next big winner!

T&C’s Changes on Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Those in the know about online bingo might have heard rumblings about changes to Dragonfish sites’ terms and conditions. If you want to know about what these mean for you then we have all the information that you need.

What Has Changed?

If you look into the wagering requirements of these sites then you will notice a difference. The upper limit of what you can win from bonus funds is different, as it has been lowered. This means that if you win big and meet the wagering requirements you will now be able to withdraw less real cash.

The new limit puts a maximum of £400 to withdraw from a bonus, though this won’t really affect most players. It sounds ominous but once you get into the terms and conditions, it’s really not that bad.

What Does This Mean For Players?

As we’ve said, the majority of players won’t find that this change makes much of a difference to them. If you do hit a jackpot, you’d still need to satisfy the real cash wagering requirements on the bonus before you withdraw.

Because of the way that wagering requirements work, this isn’t a likely scenario for many players. It won’t apply to games like progressive jackpots either, as these can only be played with real cash.

What Sites Were Effected

Any Dragonfish bingo site with 888 as the owner will be introducing the change to their terms. This includes sites like Daisy Bingo and Wink Bingo, the latter of which has made a change to their welcome offer recently. Their welcome offer has changed to include a week of bonuses, which will be affected by the terms and conditions.

Why Is The Change Taking Place?

There are a number of reasons for this change, primarily that 888 want to protect themselves from losing money on players. By reducing the limit that players can expect to withdraw, they’re reducing the amount that they can potentially lose.

They’re also making a change so that they can give their players better bonuses without the fear of losing money. If you enjoy more bonus funds to play with then this is good news for you. As wagering requirements can be hefty you might not make a jackpot but you may win more funds to play with.

Checking out the terms and conditions of a site is always a must, but don’t worry too much about these changes.

Will We See More Changes Like This In The Near Future On Other Bingo Networks As Well?

There are a lot of bingo networks online, each with different terms and conditions. This could be an isolated change on this network or it could spread to others as they see player reactions to it. If it proves to be unpopular then this could discourage other networks from doing the same. One thing worth noting is that in the latest UK budget announcement, a tax on free bets and bonuses was announced. This could influence a lot of changes in the bingo world, so stay tuned.

Ukash to become Paysafecard?

If you’re been playing on online bingo for a while, you’ve probably noticed that one of the payment options available on most bingo sites is Ukash. Ukash is one of the more well-known payment methods available for online bingo, and it is often valued for its added security making the preferable option for many players compared to, say, credit or debit cards. This is because you don’t need to enter your cash details online with Ukash.

However, Ukash has recently been acquisitioned by the Skrill group, who run a variety of different payment methods. As a result, Ukash is set to be phased out and replaced by PaySafeCard. For many players who prefer Ukash, this may be a little bit of a worry. However, there is no need for concern, as there are still plenty of payment options left which offer excellent security, including PaySafeCard itself. We will explore the full implications of the changes in this article.

What does this mean for bingo players?

If you are a bingo player and you’re worried about the implications of this change on you, then never fear, there is actually very little which is going to change for the majority of Ukash users. From now, you will not be able to buy a new Ukash card and you will need to find an alternative service. What’s more, if you have topped up recently then you have to use any credit on your Ukcash account by October 31st. With regards to finding a new payment option, PaySafeCard might be worth checking out.

What’s the difference between Ukash and Paysafecard?

Both Ukash and PaySafeCard both rely on a prepaid card which you top up with cash which is transferred into credit. You can then spend this credit on online bingo sites by entering a special code. PaySafeCard is, however, generally more readily available as your average local newsagent will stock it, so in many ways it is actually more convenient that ukcash.

PaySafeCard offers multiple services, such as a special Mastercard which you can use in major retailers across the globe. This is very useful if you want to travel. There are no hidden fees on PaySafeCard, so you are able to use the card online or in store if need be.

There are additional avenues of support with PaySafeCard, including a 24/7 helpline and additional staff to help you out. Plus, download the PaySafeCard app and you will have up to date and extensive information info in how to use the service directly downloaded on to your iOS or Android device.

Is Paysafecard sold in the same places as Ukash?

PaySafeCard should be available in exactly the same retailers which sold Ukash, so you won’t need to change your shoipping habits or go out of your way to pick one up. In fact, PaySafeCard is available in more retailers than Ukash. In addition to this, the PaySafeCard app includes a store locator, which enables players to track down the stores closest to them which stock PaySafeCard. You can usually find PaySafeCard in the vast majority of stores, including local newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations, so you should be able to find somewhere which sells them very easily. With the cards so easily available, it should be very easy for you to find a place where you can upload cash onto your card.

Overall, the effect which this development will have on bingo players is likely to be minimal and positive, so there is definitely no need to worry if you have been using Ukash up to now.

Lucky Cow BingoJoin Lucky Cow Bingo and get a chance to spin the WHEEL!


Bingo Trip to Launch on Mobile

Great news for mobile bingo fans, it seems that there’s going to be another fun game coming out on this ever evolving gaming platform.

What’s Going On?

Imperus Technologies Corp, a company that specialise in mobile games, social networking and real-money gaming apps have launched a new mobile bingo game.

Dubbed ‘Bingo Trip’, this fun title launched on Facebook only last year and had a huge positive reception from players, so much so that Imperus have decided to port it into a mobile app. According to the company, this free to play app will hopefully attract lots of new players to their mobile platform.

Although the Facebook version is already available, the Bingo Trip mobile app isn’t set to launch until the second quarter of this year and will be easily accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Design of the Game

The design of this app is pretty simple, it has this cute cartoon approach as everything has simple and adorable designs. Think Saturday morning cartoons, but based completely around bingo and gambling for ingame credits.

Featuring well designed continents from around the world that come with famous landmarks and a couple of international stereotypes, you will definitely get a kick out of this games style.

How to Play

It’s pretty easy to play with this app, it’s got a simple setup as all you have to do is play bingo, so if you’re familiar with the mechanics of bingo then you should be fine.

You just watch the numbers appear and then you daub them off on your card, it’s pretty simple. Also, if at any point you miss a number you can check the big board that will also be daubing off numbers that were drawn to keep yourself right.

There are 108 games across multiple continents that you can try out and you can replay each game as often as you like. Each game in this app is a 75 ball bingo game and they play out relatively fast so it shouldn’t take you long to unlock a couple of areas on the Bingo Trip app map.

You can have up to four cards at a time for this game and they cost you tickets that you can either earn for free or buy using in-app micro-transactions.

There’s also power ups you can use to alter your game like double payouts, extra daubers, a spotter for numbers and a boost to your current power ups to give them a little extra kick.

As the games are playing out you will be able to pick up souvenirs after each game to remind you of your adventures. You can also share items with friends over Facebook and for every friend you invite into the game you will be given free coins.

It’s a fantastic little app that’s easy to play, has a lovely design and will provide you with hours of entertainment. If you need a new free mobile bingo app then you can’t go wrong with this one!

Hat-trick of Big Wins at Lucky Touch Bingo

lucky touch bingo

They say good luck comes in threes and I’m starting to believe that’s true huns – certainly if you play at Lucky Touch Bingo! Jammy player redmonkey has scooped not 1 but 3 amazing bingo prizes this month totalling over £1,300. Well done!

Massive Progressive Slots Jackpot at Bingo Diamond


Viking Bingo

All or Nothing – Win all 50GBP! Join Viking Bingo today!!!

It wasn’t too long ago that the total progressive slots jackpot at Bingo Diamond reached a whopping £6 million. Well now it’s grown even bigger huns, now with over £7 million of progressive prizes to be won! Get wagering for your chance to scoop a share!

New Slot Game at Butlers Bingo

butlers bingo

If you’re a fan of slots then you better head to Butler’s Bingo where new slot games appear all the time. This month sees the launch of Cricket Star, in time for the Cricket World Cup. Spin on this fab game for 243 ways to win today!