Caesars Bingo

If ceaseless attempts to direct your attention towards seriously big bingo prizes sounds like a good thing then it’s high time you found out more about this Caesar’s Bingo site.

Non-stop action and super-fabulous chat sound like a recipe for good site? I thought so too…

Play Caesar’s Ceaselessly!

With the incessant babble about the best new bingo sites in present time is a little light relief from ancient Rome ;).

Caesar Bingo Review

When the site launched with a big bang in the back end of 2010 I thought: “Blimey!” (because of the size of its bonuses and MASSIVE prizes.) And then I thought: “But it can’t keep this up long, can it?!”

Well huns, a year on and Caesars is still impressing. The site looks luxurious and the prizes let you know that you are loved like nowhere else in bingo online land ;). How nice does that sound?! No wonder this site has spent several months featured on my homepage.

Here is a little rundown of what to expect:

  1. Spend a tenner start playing with £30 :D. This is very Ceasurian (spell check didn’t like that word but who cares!) 200% deposit bonus and at 5p a ticket will get you 600 bingo cards, or 100 strips… or 1 week of gaming if you buy 1 strip in 13 games every night for seven days in a row!
  2. But wait, don’t blow it all in one go! One of the best bits of the Caesarly (oops!) bingo experience is that there are gynormous jackpots about once a month with a chance to win trips to Las Vegas, New York and London, all with VIP treatment.
  3. And then there are all the free games – Caesars Bingo manages one of these every hour and prizes are guaranteed at a gladiatorial £15!

How good is that?!

Finally, it’s worth a mention that Caesars Bingo runs on the same software as JackpotJoy so you know you are in safe hands and there is no reason not to expect absolutely the best from this top site. How many of us can say, “I have played at bingo sites similar to JackpotJoy“??

What do you mean you never needed to? That’s a very useful thing to know how to say!


JJ xxx

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