Bye Bye Buy Feature Slots?

If you’ve played a fair few slot games in recent months, you might have come across a type of slot that allows you to buy your way into the special feature. The days of doing this in buy feature slots could soon come to an end, though, as we report here.

The UK Gambling Commission has demanded an end to the ‘buy feature’

Not all slot games have this, but it is a feature that has popped up in recent times. It’s also something that could be short-lived according to the latest news reports.

What is the buy feature and why is it potentially dangerous?

While few players seem to use this feature, it could present a big risk or temptation for problem gamblers above all else. 

The buy feature gives a player the opportunity to buy their way into the bonus round instead of waiting for it to randomly come up during regular play. The amount charged for the buy feature depends on the amount you wager on each spin. The higher the individual spin wager, the more expensive the buy feature will be.

The danger is that players could end up spending a lot more than they could afford to trigger a special feature. Yet there is no guarantee they would win back the amount they paid for it – perhaps not even close to it.

Other player protection measures that have recently been implemented

If the buy feature does disappear, which looks set to happen, it will join several other measures brought in to protect players of late. 

No more ads, site designs, or characters that could appeal to children

The industry should not have anything that is appealing to children as it could tempt them to begin gambling. Young children would have no idea what they are doing, yet might develop a dangerous habit.

The introduction of dispute resolution bodies

If a player has a dispute with a casino or bingo site, they can now use an independent dispute resolution site to facilitate their complaint.

Transparent bonuses

Most bonuses have terms and conditions attached. These should always be clear, so the player understands the terms before claiming any bonus. Wagering requirements are a good example of this.

No free demo play unless you are a confirmed member of a site

This means you need to open an account and verify your age and identity before you can even try a demo game in the UK. It removes the chance of underage players getting hooked on ‘fun’ slots and other games.

What might be next on the UKGC’s radar?

We suspect the single reel re-spin could be the next feature to disappear. The idea is that following a paid spin, you see an individual reel re-spin price beneath each reel. The greater the odds are of that reel producing a prize on a re-spin, the higher the re-spin cost.

Since there is no guarantee of getting a prize, this could be a temptation too far for many players.

So, is it goodbye to feature buy slots?

It looks like it. We can see why the UKGC might take this decision, and why there could be other too-tempting features in slot games disappearing soon as well. We’ll keep you posted.

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