Blocked Bingo Accounts and What to Do

It’s a bingo player’s worst nightmare to log into their account only to find that it has been banned. In this article we’ll tell you what may have caused this and what you can do to attempt to resolve it.

Why Was My Account Suspended?

This is a hard question to give just one answer to, as there are a number of different reasons that this can occur. We’ll go over the most common ones here and some of the less common ones too! These are all in the terms and conditions of the site that players sign up to:

Suspected Fraud

This is a pretty wide explanation for a ban as it can be triggered by various processes. Erratic deposits and withdrawals are a common reason for the site to suspect fraud. Using multiple bank accounts can also be a red flag for the site, causing them to suspend your account.

Usually the account will be suspended during an investigation period, in which an expert will look into your account. If there’s nothing to worry about then the account will be reactivated, as the automated system can sometimes flag up innocent accounts.

Multiple Accounts

Another common reason for an account to be banned is the use of duplicate accounts. This can be detected if you use the same address or credentials for multiple accounts. It’s not just restricted to one site though, as you can be banned from a network as a whole for duplicating your account.

The reason behind this is that it’s not fair for other players if you create more chances to win from a promotion if you have multiple accounts. It can also be abuse of the bonus policy, which some players have had their Cassava bingo account blocked for.

Wagering Requirements

Many players out there will tell you that they know the way to manipulate wagering requirements but it nearly always results in a ban. The most common ways to attempt to get around these are known to operators and your account will be swiftly blocked if they are used.

Even discussing these with other roomies can cause problems in the long run, as chats are moderated.

Chat Room Etiquette

The moderation of chat rooms can also affect your account if you don’t follow chat room etiquette. A bingo site wants its players to get on well together and not be rude to one another, so they keep an eye on the chat.

Any instances of bullying, foul language, discussion of withdrawals or other banned behaviour will be picked up on by the chat host. They can then refer the account to be suspended or banned permanently.

Failure to Supply Documents Requested

This one ties into the fraud prevention aspect of the site, as they will sometimes ask that you verify your identity. A copy of your passport will usually suffice for this and will allow them to make the judgement on your account.

If they believe there is money laundering involved or another reason that a player won’t supply these details then a ban may ensue. A Mecca Bingo locked account is common for this reason, as they like to stay on the safe side of the law.

Dodgy Sites

Finally, an account can also be suspended if you’re playing on a dodgy site as they may refuse to pay out or allow you to play. This is just the tip of the iceberg with these sites, so steer well clear of them.

They’ll generally only enforce this if you’re doing well and win something, as this would require them to pay out to you.

How Do I Not Get Banned?

So we’ve covered how you would go about finding your account closed, but what best practice tips can you use to prevent this from happening? Well we’re glad you asked…

  1. Use secure passwords and credentials to prevent the chance of fraud occurring on your account. Alongside this, you should make sure that your bank cards or PayPal credentials are always kept under wraps, as these can be gateways for hackers.
  2. You should only have one account for a bingo site, as this keeps it fair for everyone. If you’re a member of a few sites across a network then you may also want to avoid playing in networked promotions from multiple accounts.
  3. Regarding wagering requirements, don’t attempt to take advantage of them in any way as they are there for a reason. If another roomie attempts to speak to you about doing so then reporting them to a chat host will keep you on the straight and narrow.
  4. Being kind and polite to other roomies is all that’s needed for good etiquette online. There may be other conditions, such as not discussing wagering, that you can also read up on in the chat rules of the site.
  5. Most sites will tell you if they require you to submit documentation for a withdrawal so having these ready will make the whole process much quicker. Don’t attempt to alter your document in any way or cover up important information.
  6. If you want to play on a safe site then look for licenced and fair play tested companies. All of these credentials are usually found at the bottom of the homepage, if you’re not satisfied with the information then you can go elsewhere.

Which Sites Are Reputable

To follow on from our tips on selecting a safe site, these are bingo sites with the best reputation for not blocking players unfairly. If you’re unsure then we’d suggest you pick one of these to play on:

  • Wink Bingo

    – With a sterling reputation in the bingo community and a bunch of fantastic offers, you can’t go wrong with Wink Bingo. Play in their newbie room to win up to £900 in free bingo jackpots.

  • Cheers Bingo

    – Spin the wheel with a deposit of £10 or more for 250% extra and win from £5 to £2500 more in funds. Their bingo lobby is filled with Jumpman Games and top software.

Terms and conditions are applicable to these offers, so pop onto the sites to have a look at them.

What to Do If Treated Unfairly?

If you think that something may have happened to block your account that wasn’t your fault then follow these steps:

  1. First and foremost, get in touch with the site and explain the situation. This can work in your favour if they realise that one of their agents was not helpful or if the detection system has worked in error.
  2. Failing this you can submit a complaint to an ombudsman known as the Alternative Disputes Resolution. This is done by requesting it from the operator but if they don’t comply then it’s time to escalate to the next step.
  3. If you’d like the Gambling Commission to get involved then you can put your complaint in writing via a letter or email. They will require your permission to contact the operator on your behalf and discuss your account. You might need to supply supporting documentation prior to the investigation being launched.

Even if you follow these steps, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your account back but you can make your dissatisfaction known. This is also effective if you feel that an operator has not been truthful with their promotions or advertisements.

We hope that this experience does not happen to you but if it does troubleshoot with this article. Always get in touch with the site to allow them to explain fully and then you can plan your next step.

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