It’s easy to make fun of bingo site names but when they come with a £15 free no deposit bingo bonus, 300% extra free when you spend your first tenner AND regular big guaranteed prize games…Who cares what a site looks like when it offers box-loads of free cash just for registering? Well I do for one…

It’s Bingo and It’s on a Box-Shaped Thing!

New Player Welcome

You’ve had a hard day slaving away at whatever it is you spend your days slaving away at and the last thing you need when you sign up at a new bingo site is to be struggling to start playing. BingoOnTheBox make things really easy: just sign up – register your name and email address and they give you £15 FREE to start your bingo balls rolling :D.

No deposit, no card details necessary. No hassle neither!

But as with most free no deposit bingo bonuses they will only take you so far – to really get things moving you need to spend a little cash. Here too BingoOnTheBox has made things super-simple by allowing deposits with almost any payment method… and if you can find me any other PayPal bingo sites with bonuses this size I’ll grab your hat, give it to my dog and he’ll eat it ;)!

Main Site Review

When I see a no deposit bingo bonus the first thing I think is – but are the games any good?

I kid you not when I say that I was surprised by just how good the games at BingoOnTheBox are. Again the site’s name did not fill me with hope but happily there’s plenty of meat on this bingo bone:

  • Guaranteed bingo prizes every month worth many thousands of pounds.
  • A pub quiz bingo game every Thursday at 8pm.
  • “Fair and Square” – I love to see this kind of thing – the maximum number of tickets you can buy for this game is a strip of six so you know that you will have as good a chance of winning as everyone else.
  • 1tg, 2tg and even 3tg prizes in many games – another way to make games fairer and have more winners :D.
  • Free bingo on Friday afternoons! Not content with offering a massive welcome bingo bonus with freebies flying everywhere, BingoOnTheBox also give away free cash every Friday between 12 midday and midnight.

And even big bingo spenders are catered for at BingoOnTheBox – look out for the “Premier Games” – if you spend enough during any month you will be awarded free tickets for these big games with guaranteed prizes.

How much more can you ask for from a bingo site!?


JJ xx

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